Acorns Pre-School: 2021-2022

Pancake Day- March 2022
We enjoyed celebrating pancake day. We mixed the ingredients together, discussing what it felt, smelt and looked like. We enjoyed using tools effectively, building up our muscles when mixing in readiness for writing later on :) We watched Mrs Williams cook and flip the pancakes before we ate them up! We even got to choose our own toppings!
Outdoor exercise working on Gross Motor Skills- February 2022
We have been enjoying time outside working on our gross motor skills this term. As the weather gets better, we will be spending more time outside on the trim trail, den building and playing with resources that help these large muscles to develop in readiness for writing and moving around more effectively,
Phonics session- February 2022
The children in Acorn’s have regular daily phonics sessions. Most children will access Phase 1 activities focusing on alliteration, rhyme and rhythm. The children starting school in the current academic year will be exposed to Phase 2 alphabet sounds where we concentrate on 1 sound a week. This session, we fed pictures to Milly Monster who liked to eat things beginning with ‘m’. Mrs Watkins supports the children to access these activities, ensuring they are ready for phonics sessions when they enter Beech Class in Reception.
Lunchtime with our friends- January 2022
We value snack and lunchtimes as times to socially connect with one another, we enjoy talking to one another about what we like and dislike and about what we have been up to throughout the day. The adults sit with the children and model how to use cutlery with cooked meals and good table manners in addition to scaffolding new vocabulary and communication skills.
Welcome To Acorns Pre-school Class Page
Here you will find links to support your child's learning at home in addition to information about what our children in Pre-school are currently learning. We will also be sharing photos of the children busy learning through play opportunities set up by our experienced Early Years staff.