BHPS Food in School

HOT SCHOOL LUNCHES at Berry Hill Primary School are delicious healthy meals cooked fresh on-site.  Incorporating the School Food Standards to ensure children develop healthy eating habits and get the energy and nutrition they need across the school day, and costing just £2.30 per day, paid via Parentpay. 
Our menus are regularly updated, taking account of the views of children and parents, our current menu offering a wide range of popular options can be found saved as a document on the Home Page of the school website.  All children are encouraged to bring their drinks bottle to the dinner hall.  Otherwise they are given a drink of water with their hot school lunch.    
If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, we would encourage you to take this up.  More information from or telephone the school office on 01594 832262. 
PACKED LUNCHES FROM HOME are also a popular choice, and again it is important that food provided will provide your child with the nutrition and energy they need across the school day.  If you would like advice on healthy lunchbox options advice is available in the leaflet below.   NHS / Change for Life advice on healthy meal options and tips for healthy lunchboxes is also available on this link: 
WATER FOR THE CLASSROOM:  We encourage all our children to drink plenty during the school day by bringing a drinking bottle of water to be kept in the classroom.  For any reluctant water-drinkers, diluted squash can be brought in a drinks bottle, and can be kept in the cloakroom for drinking during breaks or at appropriate times.  To avoid sticky spillages, we only permit water in classrooms.   
HEALTHY SNACK BAR: In addition to our school lunches during morning break we have a snack bar for children in Junior classes (years 3-6) to purchase.  Not only is this a great way for children to have a nutritious snack to sustain them until lunchtime, but they also get to handle money, which is a great way to develop their maths skills.  
Children in our Infant classes (Reception, year 1 and year 2) are offered fruit under the government scheme.  
If children bring their own snack from home, please ensure this is a healthy option, not crisps, chocolate, or sweets.