Buddies Before and After School Club


We now have a Booking Administration Team and so all booking must be made via email to buddies@berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk or on the paper form from the Front Office,or by telephoning our School Office (8.45-3pm during term time). 

This out of school club runs daily during term time; provides high quality childcare for parents, carers and families between the hours of 7.30am and 5:15 pm Monday to Friday. and is available for pupils from Beech to Oak.

Children in Beech will need to have the appropriate self-regulation skills and abilities to be physically and emotionally safe in the Buddies environment.  If parents are interested  in their child/ren attending, please speak to their  class teacher in the first instance. Please note Buddies is not open to children attending Acorn provision.

 Our children say: 

"One of the best things is getting to help the younger children make friends".

"It's really good and I like playing with lots of stuff, and all my friends". 

"My favourite is snack time, playing on the x-box and football on the field."  

"I really like coming to Buddies, I like everything!" 

"The thing I like best is getting to play with people I don't usually play with or see in school, I make more friends, and I love it".  

 Our parents say: 

"Buddies has been a lifesaver for me, my child absolutely loves it, has made loads of new friends, and the staff are so friendly."

"I have been over the moon with Buddies from day 1.  It offers everything my child needs.  I love the setting, it's light, clean and airy inside and outside the children have free range to run around safely.  It's perfect.  The staff keep me really well informed, and this is really important to me as I feel completely at ease when I am at work". 

BREAKFAST CLUBFrom 7.30am to the start of the school day. Breakfast is served until 8.15am.

For just £3.50 your child can prepare for the school day with their friends.  If you have booked your child to attend and no longer need the place, you MUST cancel by 12 noon the previous day, or you will be charged for the session.  (The only exception to this is if your child becomes ill overnight, and therefore won't be coming to school, but we still need you to email us on the buddies@berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk to let us know). Only emails received at this address will be booked as we have an admin team managing booking from September 2022. 

Please note for children in receipt of Pupil Premium, the breakfast session is free to attend (paid for via the Premium).  However, if your child is not attending their place MUST be cancelled by 12 noon on the previous day. 

Failure to do so will result in a charge for the session.  

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB: From 3.15 – 5.15pm Monday to Friday (flexible sessions as below):

Red session: 



Drink, biscuit/fresh fruit provided

Purple session:



Drink, light meal (eg jacket potato, beans on toast, pizza) provided 

Yellow session: 



As above (red and purple sessions)


   Parents/carers of children collected after this time will incur late charges:

-        5.15pm-5.30pm (or part thereof) £10.00 per child.

-        5.30pm-5.45pm (or part thereof) £20.00 per child.

-        Additional charge per five minutes after 5.45pm - £10.00

Children in receipt of Free School Meals can attend Buddies After-School Club at 50% reduction in cost.  If a place is booked, but your child won't be attending, you must cancel the booking by 12 noon.  Failure to do so will result in the full cost of the session being charged. 

Please note that children MUST be collected by 5.15pm, and no later.  Please respect that staff are contracted until this time only, so understandably wish to leave on time.  Late charges will be applied for late collection. 

Thank you for your support in ensuring our staff finish on time, when their contracted time ends. 


Miss Katie Griffiths, Miss Chelsee Hughes, Mrs Jacqui Reddan.  


To book your child into Buddies Club, please email buddies@berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk  - our only booking email as we now have a Buddies Admin Team to manage these bookings. You may also complete the required Booking Form (available below, or in the Reception area of school) and posting in the Buddies Box in Reception.  You can also pass bookings form to staff when dropping, or collecting your child from Buddies.

Parents/carers must accompany their child/ren all the way into Breakfast Club each morning,. Children  MUST NOT be left to walk into Buddies alone, this is a SAFEGUARDING REQUIREMENT. 

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please also ensure you email Buddies and let us know.  


Payment for all sessions to be via ParentPay.  Minimum ParentPay top up for Buddies Club (morning or afternoon session) is £3.50. You can also use Childcare vouchers please email buddies@berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk for further information.

Please ensure that your account has enough credit to fund all sessions booked for the week as CHILDREN CANNOT ATTEND IF PAYMENTS ARE NOT MADE, OR IF DEBTS ARE OUTSTANDING.  

Enrolment Forms:

These are available from Buddies Club, the School Office and the BHPS website. Enrolment forms must be completed in full and submitted before your child may attend Buddies Club - either before or after school.

Cancellations & Credits

  • Buddies Breakfast Club

If your child is ill, or has a medical appointment and is not able to attend a booked Breakfast Club session, any funds paid for that session will be carried over to the next Breakfast Club session that your child is booked on to. (Please, remember to email buddies@ and admin@ berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk)

  • Buddies After School Club

Pre-booking for the week (via the Booking form) is encouraged. However, bookings will be accepted up to 12 noon on the day of the childcare requirement.

Any cancellation for a session already booked, must be made by 12 noon on the day of the session. Please ensure that your child is collected promptly, from Buddies After School Club. Failure to do so will mean that you will be charged for the next session. All children must be collected by 5.15pm. Parents/carers of children collected after this time will incur late charges:

-        5.15pm-5.30pm (or part thereof) £10.00 per child.

-        5.30pm-5.45pm (or part thereof) £20.00 per child.

-        Additional charge per five minutes after 5.45pm - £10.00

HOLIDAY CLUB may be offered during school holidays where there is sufficient demand.  If you would be interested in booking a place for your child during a school holiday please email buddies@berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk or telephone the school office - 01594 832262. 

Buddies have been doing some pumpkin carving this week ahead of Halloween next week.