Chestnut 2021 -2022

Welcome to Chestnut Class 2021 2022!
What a lovely summer we've had and although it had passed by quickly, it is so lovely to be back in school again and see all your smiley faces!
This term our Topic is What a State - a science focus on how some materials change.
We will learn together the routines and decide on our We learn best when . . . rules.
What we will focus on this half term:
The most important thing we can all do more of is read, read to our parents, be read to by our parents, share a class story, read with our partners and integrate reading into ALL parts of our day.
That will help with all areas of our learning.
We are really looking forward to this year and hope we get to be together in person the whole year,
Mrs Boiling, Miss Price and Miss Hart.