Chestnut Class

Summer Term 2
Week commencing 1st of June
I hope you had an enjoyable Half Term break!
This week as we start the final term of the year, we are giving a Maths and English Year Group Pack that covers all the objectives for the whole year. This pack is set out in a familiar way as it is similar to the school assessments we do three times a year with the same company HeadStart, which is the reason we have chosen this - supporting children with its familiarity.

As we have not been able to teach in the usual ways since the 23rd March, and as some concepts - particularly in maths  - are harder to present and teach online, you will find some of the content will not have been covered, yet this year. Please do let them try as they may be able to use what they know to help them; they may be surprised and proud that they can do it anyway using what they already know to help them. Do be reassured that on return we will - as we always do - teach to the needs of the children so any areas they find hard, or have not fully understood or secured, we will be planning to support once back in school (this, or the next academic year.)

The year group pack is only a guidance to the year your child completes. If you feel that a previous year group pack would be better for your child - please do not hesitate to use that. It does not necessarily mean your child is not working in their age group; but possibly that their confidence may need re-building and that the section in the booklet may not have been taught. 

In Chestnut booklet - I would like you to avoid: page 7 unless you would like a challenge as that is not a concept that would be covered this academic year.

We hope that you enjoy the testing of your understanding, knowledge, are not daunted by areas you find trickier and see it as a  working it out as a challenge not a problem. The answers are also provided in a separate document so you can mark your work and where you find there are errors - compare the answer and ask: 'Mmmmm! Where did I go wrong? Can I rethink this to get that answer?'

Once classes do come back, there will be an assessment to help us continue to focus the teaching on areas your child/ren need as their needs are the starting point of all we do - emotionally, socially and academically.
If you are unsure of any work, or would like a printed pack, please email me in time so I can have them ready for collection when the Office is manned Mondays 11:00 - 2pm between the hours of 9am - 5pm.  
Take care and Stay Alert ;-]
Rachael Boiling 
Look to the end of this for an AMAZING treat - it brought a wide grin to my face.
Thank you those who were able to take part - I am missing all of you!
This week's Revision Work Pack has all your English and Maths.
The answer booklet is also here so you can mark your own work and the LEARNING comes if you can check and work out where you made the mistake, when you get something wrong ;-]
No other tasks are given this week althoughSumDog is updated and yjere is still the list of websites.
Enjoy, Chestnut Class, Enjoy ;-]

Sumdog reminder -
 . . .  a fantastic interactive maths spelling and grammar app and website that most children really enjoy using as they learn by playing games.
Username:          All in lowercase!! first initial and full last name. For Example, lcalcutt 
Password:           chestnut
School Code:       berryhill3
I will keep track of progress on the Sumdog website and update regularly - can you design, embellish your house with virtual money?.