Class Chestnut 2020-20: YEAR 4

A happy Welcome to Chestnut Class 2021!.
Miss Price, Miss Walding and myself are really excited about all the learning we have in store this term that builds on and extends the Year 4 learning started last half term. Over lockdown, new learning of all subjects across the curriculum will continue so please complete all set work as we have created lessons that hit the learning directly - keeping it focussed and direct will ensure you do not come backto school with gaps. Even if it's been hard you will havesome understanding on which to build your next learning. 
Resilience and 'Have a Go ' will help you here.
It is unusual times and all of us do find it hard to adapt, but we will get through this together.
Through our topic Women and History, we have studied Queen Victoria as part of a study of an aspect in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066. Our computing will broaden the study to life in Victorian times, while topic will look at more Women in History and a significant turning point in British history, and their impact on llife today. Although the programme of study focuses on Britain our studies will take us closer to local studies as well as international successes.
Reading as always is a great partnership between Home and School: the competition between House groups for the most Home Reading continues and last term's winning House will be announced and awareded opportunity to choose a fact or fiction book, graphic novel, magazine, poretry anthology, playscript etc  to add to our Class Book selection. Exciting!
The winners went out on a Bulletin Letter.
 The remaining Childrens' Choices are to be completed - some fantastic pieces are already displayed showcasing AMAZING efforts by a range of Chestnut Champs - We will swap, display and share later this term.
Weekly spelling, tables and 3 x a week at least reading at home will also continue.
Please contact me if you need to - I regularly check emails.
HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all!