Class Chestnut 2021 -2022

Welcome to Chestnut Class
Summer 2
... we have an exciting term ahead.
Island Hopping
Multiplications Tables Check (MTC) is at the start of summer 2 so please keep learning and practicing so  that the timed test is not unfamiliar to you.
We will, as always, integrate reading into all curriculum areas and encourage home reading to continue and be recorded in the Reading Record -whilst School Book Reading is excellent, we want to grow a love of reading within all children: magazine, fact book, newspaper, poetry, plays fiction. So, . . . please read as frequently as you can as we are still wanting to increase fluency of reading, whilst building up a love of reading: 
  • read to our parents,
  • be read to by our parents,
  • share reading as a family read,
  • read with our siblings, friends, parents, carers,  by ourselves... enjoy!
 Information to help:
PE kits in school all term; timetabled lesson Monday and ProStars Friday afternoon!
Library will be every week this term on a Thursday afternoon.
Eco week - 6h - 10th June
Children's Choice
The children chose the activities on their Children's Choice - there are some more  practical activities as the children requested.
We look forward to our next adventures together!
Mrs Boiling, Miss Price and Miss Hart.
. . . has been great fun here in Chestnut Class
We have learnt about plastic pollution and  related it to our school and what we do well and could improve further.
The Eco-Committee did an assembly with Mrs McKenzie about recycling of all waste and how we will make changes to our classroom bins and how to reduce waste
Yesterday, afternoon the school did an ECO-ORIENTATION activity with groups from different classes hunted for pictures of Environmental - linked objects on a sheet and decided whether we RAISE the profile in our school, or PRAISE what we are doing.
Afterwards, in our mixed class pairs, we write what we wanted for Our Future to create a whole school open.
We had a celebratory day doing activities like creating a Royal Stamp of facts about Here Royal Highness the Queen, and made drinks Coasters that were playing cards with a John Tenniel image of the queen's bust! The highlight of the day was the whole school tea party on the playground surrounded by bunting and our own Royally decorated lunch bags. Then as a huge surprise our Friends arranged for an ice cream van to visit and we had extra play on the field, while eating them! 
Chestnut Class had an amazing time at Slimbridge learning about Food Chain and Classification.
We put into practise our understanding of groups and the Animal Kingdom.
Here are some photos of our day.
The Summer term has arrived and what better way to start it than by having an Year 1 - Year 6 Book sharing: we sit and look at each other's learning, ask questions, share our favourite activities and lessons. For some it will be a chance to remind ourselves of previous learning and others a peek into the learning for the following year.
Easter Orienteering
We had to find specific coloured eggs and when we returned them we got a letter. the full letter set rearranged (anagram) told us where to find our prize!
Berry Hill won a competition and we had a fantastic fun filled activity day.
Funny is POWER!
We had a great day.
Once we had watched about the special group in County Durham for visually impaired, we understood where our money was going. We are clear how well our raised money will be helping others,
 create2inspire Geographical Association Virtual event
10th March we started our Rivers Topic by immersing ourselves in the Amazon Day: reading maps to locate ourselves, South America (continent) Brazil (country) and Manaus (city) as well as the continents and countries of rainforests in the world.
We also learnt through maths to read climate: precipitation and temperature over the year and wrote a short piece on our dream for the Amazon.
Much of our learning looked at human interaction with the rainforest and its rivers: logging, hunting,; balance of locals and nature and the conflict between the deforestation, nature protection and and the mining and work done by multinational companies and cattle ranches. 
We finished our day by looking at similarities between the children in the rainforest environment and where we live in the UK. . . . The small monkey wowed the class and they thought that was very cool as a pet. 
World Book Day
Today, we explored African Art because our class book - Christophe is about  Rwandan boy who comes to England to go to school. The class voted for an Art focus for World Book Day so we had ART as our theme.
Once we had finished assembly, we secured our understanding of perimeter and learnt about area using coloured paper and African art as our learning approach. We cut, stuck paper - as seen in the art in the images below - to create an African - style piece of art. We started our new PE unit Boxercise after break before completing the Area African Art.
Our long awaited, whole school, House Group gathering started today. After sharing oour books and any holiday activities we'd done, we returned to class and crafted our personalised African mask. The day flew by! 

General Learning in Chestnut:
added to regularly and including our fantastic Team Building Day at the local Wilderness Centre.
We visited Ancient Egypt for the day!
We had Richard from History Squad in to teach us about Ancient Egypt - he was amazing and we learnt about Egypt in Ancient times, Pharaohs, pyramids, the story of Seth and Osiris and of course the important role of the River Nile in every day life in Ancient Egypt. We will learn more about the River Nile today in our River topic. Below are some pictures sharing our learning.
In preparation for REMEMBRANCE on 11th November, we had a drama visitor to teach us about WWI.
West End  Theatre Group came in, taught us a poem to perform and we also enjoyed a small group drama activity all about WWI  and the trenches. 
It was so much fun. Afterwards we wrote our own poem for Peace and  did a watercolour silhouette!

In May, Chestnut Class will be required to complete the Multiplications Tables Check (MTC)

 set as an online test by the government.

They have 6 seconds to recall and answer multiplication facts to all tables to 12 x 12.  By the start of Year 4, children will have had the opportunity to learn: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables. However, individual learning, retaining and recalling of them will vary as we are all very different and unique people.

The greatest emphasis will be on 6, 7, 8, 9, 12  times tables facts.

Learning tables  is a key compenet of all maths in Years 5 and 6 so it will definitely benefit you to know the division facts too. Howerver, the MTC focuses on multiplication only.

These two sites below are similar to the MTC test.

(chose the tables you want to focus on)

(random 12 x 12 practice)

Any questions, please contact me at: