Class Chestnut 2021 -2022

Hope you had a lovely Festive time and Happy New year!
We look forward to seeing you on Tusesday, 4th January.:
We will finish the study of the Victorian Period with a local Historical visit to SS Great Britain, Bristol, that will show us more about life, inventions and events in Victorian times, whist simulatneously providing us with further information and evidence for our computing information project with Miss Price that wil answer our own Historical questions.
After this, our topic continues with a slightly different focus on what Influence Women in History have had on our ways and values today. 
 Our school focus this year is:
 The most important thing we can all do more of is READ: 
  • read to our parents,
  • be read to by our parents,
  • share a class story,
  • read with our partners and integrate reading into
  • ALL parts of our day.
That will help with all areas of our learning: children should read with an adult at home AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK.
See you soon and get plenty of fresh air!
Mrs Boiling, Miss Price and Miss Hart.
In preparation for REMEMBRANCE on 11th November, we had a drama visitor to teach us about WWI.
West End  Theatre Group came in, taught us a poem to perform and we also enjoyed a small group drama activity all about WWI  and the trenches. 
It was so much fun. Afterwards we wrote our own poem for Peace and  did a watercolour silhouette!

In May, Chestnut Class will be required to complete the Multiplications Tables Check (MTC)- set as an online test by the government.

They have 6 seconds to recall and answer multiplication and division facts to all tables to 12 x 12.  By the start of Year 4, children will have had the opportunity to learn: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 times tables. However, individual learning, retaining and recalling of them will vary as we are all very different and unique people.

We are still at the start of the academic year so there’s plenty of learning and practice time. So, don't fret, get worried or upset if it's too hard right now, as this is only shared to show what you are aiming for in May. By seeing it now, learning tables thoroughly and trying this format out, it will hopefully be less daunting in May.

These two sites below are similar to the MTC test.

(no choice the ultimate 12 x 12 practice)

(this one allows you to adjust which tables you use so you MAY like to practise ones that you feel you know better to build your confidence and later in the year move onto the first site.)

Any questions, please contact me at:

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