Class Elm 2019-2020

Welcome to Elm Class
 Autumn Term One 
As we start the new school year our learning will centre around the topic 'Marvellous Me' and involve us learning lots about the human body and our senses as we explore the key question 'How do we work?' 

Each Friday your child will bring home their weekly homework which will be linked to the teaching and learning within the classroom. The homework may involve your child engaging with an interactive game,  worksheet, a small practical task for them to complete or even a board game type activity which they have to play with you. We ask that homework is returned the following Wednesday to allow us enough time to mark your childs homework and prepare their new homework. Alongside this the children can choose if they would like to complete some of the homework challenges.  

As a class we really value parent involvement and from time to time will be inviting parents in to share our learning. If any parents have a particular skill or job role which they would like to share with the children or you would like to offer their time to assist with classroom activities, listening to children read etc, please do let us know.

 If you have any questions, queries, or concerns then please do communicate through your child’s link book or speak to myself or one of the classroom staff . You can also send me an email or  book a short appointment to meet with me before or after school.

  Miss Hawkins 

Friday 6th September
What a busy few days we have had in Elm Class. We are settling well into our new classroom and building up a familiarity with the rules and expectations. Here are just a few photos to show you what we have been up to. 
Monday 9th September
Today we enjoyed our first Forest Schools session with Ms Gardner and Forest Ranger Gerry. We had lots of fun exploring the woodland site before making our own versions of 'Stickman', just like the one in the Julia Donaldson story. 
Wednesday 11th September
This afternoon we shared our items from home as part of 'Show and Tell', we were even joined by Mrs Williams who brought in baby Sophia to meet us . 
Thursday 12th September
This week we have been working hard to recall the main characters and events within the story 'Little Red Riding Hood' . We even had a go at acting out on the outdoor stage. 
Thursday 19th September
We enjoyed our outdoor PE lesson today, making the most of the sunshine. 
 Tuesday 24th September 
Today we enjoyed a visit to Pizza Express in Monmouth where we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the restaurant tasting the different ingredients used in many of their recipes including olives, basil, tomatoes, mushrooms and mozzarella. We then got the chance to be pizza chefs as we made individual Margherita pizzas.   We also had enough time to visit Waitrose exploring the different fruits and vegetables available. 
 Friday 27th September
This afternoon we were visited by the police horses. We enjoyed learning about their roles and how they help the police officers carry out their duties. 
 Thursday 10th October
As part of World Mental Health day , we discussed the importance of talking to others about our feelings, looking out for others as well as how we can help to keep ourselves healthy by doing things we enjoy. We enjoyed taking part in a whole hour of craft, colouring and construction before finishing off with a whole class relaxing story massage session. 
 Friday 18th October
This morning we  took part in the whole school rugby festival. Although the weather was a little miserable we didn't let it bother us and had a fantastic time playing short tag rugby matches at Berry Hill Rugby Club.  It was great to put into practise the skills  and core values we had learnt in our PE sessions, as well as parade the flag we had made.
 Wednesday 23rd October 
In preparation for Bonfire Night, todays assembly was led by Firefighters from Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue  and  focussed on fire safety. prior to the assembly we got the chance to look around the outside of the fire engine and certainly had lots of questions regarding what could be inside. 
Autumn Term Two 
Welcome back to a new half term, and what a busy one it will be with many Christmas celebrations planned. Our topic for this term is 'Fire Fire' and will involve us learning about 'The Great Fire of London' as we explore the key question 'Did the great fire make London a better place?' 
 With our new topic comes a new set of homework challenges.
Thursday 7th November
Today we  recalled our experiences of Bonfire night as we created some firework pictures in the style of Jackson Pollock. 
 Monday 11th November
To commemorate Remembrance we watched how others were marking the occasion and joined in with the two minutes silence. We then discussed 'What remembrance means?' and painted our representation of Flanders field. 
Monday 2nd December 
Today we were visited by a special visitor whose arrival caused great excitement . We learnt that he is called Elvis and has been sent by Father Christmas to keep an eye on us in the run up to Christmas. We look forward to seeing what he gets up to over the next couple of weeks. 
Thursday 5th December 
We joined the rest of the Infant children to put on two brilliant performances of our Christmas play 'A Miracle in Town', a traditional retelling of the Nativity Story. The children enjoyed surprising their families with a fantastic finale singing 'Step into Christmas' 
Thursday 12th December 
What a morning! Today we arrived to find Elvis had been up to no good and made a huge mess in the classroom, splitting a beanbag and pouring its contents all over the floor! 
Wednesday 18th December
Today we joined with the rest of the Infant department for Christmas Lunch. What a lovely Christmas celebration.  A big thank-you to Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Griffiths for cooking such a delicious meal. 
After our delicious lunch we had a very busy afternoon taking part in some Christmas baking. We enjoyed decorating biscuits to make 'Elf Ski's' and making Mince Pies. 
Spring Term One
Welcome back to the Spring Term, it is hard to believe that we have already completed our first term within Year One, time really does fly when you're having fun!
This term we continue to focus on the topic 'A Step back in Time' but will now centre our learning around toys,  investigating to answer our key question 'What were toys like when our grandparents were little?'
With the new topic comes a new set of homework challenges. 
Spring Term Two
This half term we move our focus from History to Geography as we engage with our new topic 'Stranded' which will involve us answering our key question 'How well do we know our school?' 
Again with a new topic comes a new set of homework challenges. 
Tuesday 25th February
Elm Class enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday having a go at flipping pancakes and running pancake races. What a fun time we had. 
Wednesday 26th February 
We took our maths lesson outside today. We worked in pairs and used a sand-timer to measure a minute, in which we counted how many times we could complete an activity such as jumping over a line, and running between the markers. 
Thursday 27th February
Today we wrapped up warm as we  had a snowy walk to the Gymnastics Centre. 
Thursday 27th February 
We enjoyed our first session at the Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre. Today we practised jumping onto the vault, balancing on the beam and performing forward rolls. 
Thursday 5th March
We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters or in our pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day, even the teachers and teaching assistants joined in dressing as the crayons from the story "The Day the Crayons Quit' 
Wednesday 5th March 
Another great session at the Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre. 

Tuesday 10th March
Today we celebrated 'Wear it Loud Day', wearing our loudest clothing to raise money for the Deaf Association. We have taken part in lots of activities involving our senses including painting in the style of Van Gough to music, listening walks, whispering games and fruit tasting. 
Wednesday 11th March 
We have been talking about the importance of handwashing and how it helps to minimise germs being spread. To help us remember to wash our hands properly we have learnt a little song. 
Tops and Bottoms, 
Tops and Bottoms,
In Between,
In Between,
All around your hands,
All around your hands,
Now they're clean,
Now they're clean. 

Thursday 12th March 
Another great session at the Gymnastics Centre. We are really gaining confidence in using some of the equipment and even had  a go on the trampoline. 
Friday 20th March
Over the last couple of days we have been thinking of the members of our local community who are currently socially distancing or isolated from others.  We thought carefully about how we could help these members of our community and decided to write letters and make pictures to make them smile.