Class Larch 2021 -2022

Welcome to Larch Class!

Well that first half term certainly went quickly! I hope you had a lovely half term break, and made the most of the gaps in the rain to get outside – or maybe you just got wet, well done if you did!


Autumn 2 sees a shift in our topic, we will be moving onto the first part of our history topic. We are starting off learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages – don’t worry we’re only talking about 15,000ish years of history! We will be learning about how they lived, what they ate, the weapons they used, ponder why they are referred to as stone, bronze and iron ages and much more.


We are fortunate to being having one of our PE sessions with the amazing Mrs Bevan, who will be teaching us dance, this half-term. This will be on a Friday afternoon and normal indoor PE kit is all that will be needed. Our other PE lesson will be on a Thursday, which will also be indoors.


Homework will still go out on a Tuesday, for a Friday return and will continue to be times table and spelling focused, along with a new set of topic based homework challenges. Please keep up the reading at home too, it’s a massive help.


Miss Williams, who will be teaching in the spring and summer terms, will be having some transition sessions with the children this half term to ensure a smooth change over when I finish in December. I'm sure the children will enjoy working with her, and will benefit from forming a relationship with her before she takes over.


Please continue to use the link book or email to communicate messages to me, failing that speak to me at the end of the day if you would prefer.



Here’s to another 6 weeks (and 2 days) of learning!


Mr Marsh, Miss Wales & Mrs Read

In week one of Reading Club we rehearsed and performed plays.
PC Greg Steer came into school today to deliver an assembly about what the police do and how they help us. We even got to role-play a scenario where a shop had been broken in to.
We have been exploring different surfaces and finding out if they are shiny or dull, if they reflect light and if we can see our face in them. We used our findings to work out what makes a good reflective surface.
As many of the flowers in the Year 3 garden were dying, we took the opportunity to learn about seed dispersal. Mrs Walker has offered to dry out some seeds we collected so we can plant them in the Spring - just in time for our Young Gardeners science topic.
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