Class Oak 2019-2020

Welcome to Oak Class! 
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 Planting Chocolate! 

I am very exited about our Geography topic this term. We will be covering a wide range of Geography skills all through chocolate! Some of the exciting things we will cover will be: 

  • Chocolate Tasting Hunt using 6 Figure grid references.
  • Where in the world do cocoa trees grow?  Longitude and latitude.
  • Rainforest - Climate zones/ biomes
  • Mapping South America E.g. River, rainforest, mountains
  • Mapping Local area and identifying similar/ different physical features to South America 
  • Exploring the origins of the cocoa bean and comparing its uses in the Aztec and Mayan cultures. (History timeline)
  • Exploring what happens to a cocoa pod once it is harvested, and how it is turned into a chocolate product. (Farming)
  • Finding out how the cocoa bean came to Europe, and looking at different people’s viewpoints of the product. (Global Trade)
  • Finding out about the Fairtrade Foundation and how it helps farmers around the world. (Fair Trade)
  • Exploring how the Cadbury company began and developed, and ordering main events on a timeline. (Trip Link).
Spring 2 Homework
For homework this term Oak Class will need to complete: a weekly spelling list, an arithmetic/ reasoning maths task and SPAG revision homework. 
I have not done the optional homework grid this term as very few children chose to do a task. If any children would like to complete an additional task, please come and see me and I will provide them with some activities based on our topic 'Planting Chocolate'. 

A few useful websites for KS2 SATs Revision!



History Topic: Crime Over Time 
Our post-1066 thematic unit will be relevant and up-to-date for Oak Class: something for them to get their teeth into and to voice their own opinions. By providing pupils with a broad chronological sweep of nearly a thousand years it makes a significant contribution to pupils’ grasp of the long arc of time. I  have concentrated on what motivates pupils: stories about criminals and how fairly they were dealt with. With all enquiry questions the object has been to open up informed debate, relating issues to the present day wherever possible. In this way the topic makes a major contribution to pupils’ citizenship education. The areas covered will be key but there will be gaps; that is the nature of the beast. Far better that pupils can see the big picture and it’s relevant to today, than they get bogged down in too much period detail. Above all the topic helps pupils to develop a deeper understanding of crucial historical concepts: change continuity, turning points
Spring Term Homework 
There is a slight change with homework this term. Oak Class can complete activities from the homework grid if the wish; however, their weekly homework will now be a maths task and a SPAG task. Children also need to be learning their weekly spellings, reading daily to an adult and practising their times tables up to 12x12. 
Homework will mostly be set on a Monday and due on a Thursday. If there are changes to this, 3 evenings minimum will still be given to complete the tasks. 

Welcome to Oak!
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!
Our topic this term is Science-based focusing on how our heart works and what things can impact both positively and negatively on our body and mental health. 
Key focus throughout the year
  • Independence and willingness to take risks in preparation for their transition next year. 
  • Learning tables in division and multiplication to recall at speed. 
  • Vocabulary, language and spelling broadened and used correctly in their written work. 
  • Developing a love of reading and an understanding of the texts read. 
  • To enjoy the final year of Berryhill!
Gemma Scott.