Class Beech 2019-2020

Welcome to Beech Class!
September 2019
A warm welcome to all of the new children and families who have started in Beech class this year. I am looking forward to spending the next year working alongside all of you.
The team that will be working in Beech Class this year:
Miss Page - Main class teacher
Mrs Hunt - Class teacher (Wed and Friday PM only)
Mrs Lanfear - TA-Mon- Friday (Not Mon and Tues PM)
Mrs Weaver - TA (Mon and Tues PM only)
This year we aim to take your children on an unforgettable learning journey. We will be building on and extending the experiences that the children have had in their previous settings. Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the school day with the amount of formal learning increasing as the year goes on.  We will ensure that we take into account your children's interests to make their learning enjoyable and memorable, so they remain motivated and eager learners.
To help your children settle into life at Berry Hill Primary School our first topic is 'Superhero, Super Me!'
During this topic we will be focusing on ourselves and our families, before moving on to looking at fictional and real life superheroes.
Below is our topic web for this term.
We hope that you have a great first term at Berry Hill Primary School.
Miss S Page
Our first two weeks at school
The children have settled in well to life at Berry Hill Primary School with children already forming new friendships with their peers. The children have enjoyed explored both our indoor and outdoor classrooms as well as the wider school environment. 
Here is a few photos from our first two weeks at school. 
Autumn 2 
We hope that both you and your child have settled well into Beech class and our enjoying the opportunities that Berry Hill primary school has to offer. This term our learning in Beech class will focus on journeys and different types of transport through our topic 'Are we there yet?' We will also enjoy taking part in lots of festive activities in the build up to Christmas including taking part in our Christmas play. 
Spring 1 
Happy new year! We hope that you had a brilliant Christmas break and our looking forward to the opportunities Berry Hill Primary School has to offer this year. This term our learning in Beech Class will be focused on the topic 'fairytales and castles' where we will spend time learning about castles including who lived in them, why they were build and the important events that took place inside them. 
Below is our topic web for this term. 
9th January 2020 
This week in maths, Beech class have been ordering objects and pictures based on their height and length using the vocabulary of longest, shortest and tallest etc. As part of our learning this week, Beech class enjoyed getting their wellies on and going outside into our forest schools area where the children used the language they had been learning to compare the size of different sticks. Children also had a go at ordering three sticks in order from the longest to the shortest. 
10th January 2020
This week we have been learning about the different parts of a castle. The children have enjoyed looking at different pictures of castles and identifying the different parts including the drawbridge, tower and moat and what they were used for. We then spent time working in groups to create our own castles using the wooden blocks making sure we included the key parts we had discussed. 
10th January 2020
This week in Beech class we have been looking at the story of Jack and the beanstalk. Today we enjoyed going outside to use the stage to have a go at acting out the story. We were able to recall what happened at different parts of the story and enjoyed watching each of our friends have a go at acting.
16th January 2020
Beech class are enjoying their PE session this term. In our PE lesson we are focusing on developing our ball skills. We have enjoyed working in partners practising throwing, catching, rolling and bouncing the ball. 
Spring 2
This term Beech class's learning will focus around our topic  ' Frozen Kingdom'. As part of this topic, children will be learning about the polar regions and comparing the animals that live there to those that live around Berry Hill To support our learning this term and develop our  understanding of the world, Beech class will be going on a trip to Weston's cider farm.
Home learning
Please look at the Beech class 'work pack' page for websites and activities that can be used at home, to support your child's learning whilst the school is closed due to the coronavirus.
Russ bear's adventure
Look who turned up at Mrs Lanfear's house with a big bag of washing.
Russ bear will be staying with Mrs Lanfear whilst the school is closed.
Keep looking on this page to find out what Russ bear gets up to.