Class Beech 2021-22

Picking Tomatoes: 17th September 2021

Today we picked our tomatoes that the previous Reception class had planted last academic year. We then washed the tomatoes and ate them for our snack. Lots of children expressed an interest in growing more vegetables and fruit here at BHPS so this is something that we will look to develop opportunities for over the next few months!
Making Pizzas: 15th September 2021

Today we made pizza's as the children had been showing a real interest in pizza during their role play in the home corner. We chopped our own ingredients and chose the toppings we wanted. We then made funny faces out of the pizza topping!
Police horse visit!

We had a surprise visit from the local Police force. They bought their horses with them and told us all about the kind of work they do and how their horses help support their work. We found it really funny when one of the horses pooed everywhere! We had great fun asking questions and watching the horses. We found out lots of new knowledge about horses and the Police force!
Early reading and writing skills!
We have been busy this term practising our new sounds and having a go at writing them. We provide the children with lots of different mark making opportunity throughout their learning environment to encourage them to mark make as much as possible. Some children have used the mark making tables and others have used upright easels and whiteboards. All of these resources offer different mark making opportunities that build on the children's gross and fine motor skills. These skills are paramount for writing!
Settling in: September 2021
We have been busy exploring our new learning environment and have been making the most of getting outdoors! We have made new friendships and strengthened existent ones. We have got to know our adults well and are beginning to understand the routines and rules of school. We play everyday for sustained periods of time because this is the best way for us to learn. Our adults support us in our learning environment by modelling skills and drip feeding us knowledge through the resources we choose to engage with. Our learning is weaved into our interests which ensures we learn whilst we play!
Meet the Teacher 2021- Presentation video below :)

Welcome to Beech Class (2021-22)
A warm welcome to all of our new parents, childrens and families this year. We are so excited to be embarking on this new adventure in your child's learning journey here at Berry Hill Primary School.
Our aim this year is to inspire your child to develop curiosity, resilience and perseverance and a real thirst for learning new knowledge. Above all, we want them to be confident, independent learners who are driven and motivated to progress in all areas of learning.

We will provide them with a nurturing environment packed full of fun filled experiences and opportunities for new learning!
This web page will be updated regularly with all of the exciting things Beech Class have experienced this year. Make sure you check back regularly to see updates!
Sound books and tricky word sheet- Out on a Friday, due in on a Monday.
Homework books (After Oct half term)- Out on a Tuesday, in on a Friday.
Reading and sound/word flashcards: Daily/as much as possible!
Topic Choice homework (After Oct half term)- This lasts a whole 6 weeks of each half term. Do as little or as much as you like.
Kind regards, Mrs Williams, Mrs Walker, Mrs Lanfear and Mrs Hannaby!
Useful websites to support learning this year
Oxford Reading Owl
This is a website where you can access free e-books for your child to read online. There are different stages to support your child's current reading ability.
Oxford reading owl e books
Topmarks games
A website where you can access tablet friendly Maths games to support number and shape concepts taught in a fun and practical way.
Number blocks Maths videos
BBC iplayer where you can access Numberblocks videos to support 'Number' aspect of Maths.
Letters and Sounds Phonics Support
A website where you can find out more information about the structure of the Phonics that we teach.