Class Pine 2019-2020

Welcome to Pine Class!
European seaside and tourism...
This half term, we are learning about how seaside holidays have changed over time.
PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. The children will be doing tennis and pilates.
Library will be on Fridays.
On Tuesdays, the children will have drumming in the afternoon with Mrs Gardner.
Wednesday 4th September 2019 - Maths
The children used whiteboards to compare and order five digit numbers.
Wednesday 4th September 2019 - SPAG 
In our previous lesson, the children investigated the different sounds which the 'ough' grapheme makes. Today we used this to create our own poems containing words with the 'ough' grapheme.
Friday 6th September 2019 - PE (netball)
This lesson the children were practising three different types of pass: chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass.
Monday 9th September 2019 - Computing
The children used Scratch to add backgrounds, change/delete sprites and add basic movements.
Tuesday 10th September 2019 - Maths
We made dice for Mrs Gardner using the net of a cube.
Tuesday 10th September 2019 - Science
Pine Class created their own model of the Solar System!

Thursday 10th October 2019 - Art/DT
Our class flag ready for the rugby festival!
Tuesday 22nd October 2019 - Sculpture trail trip
The children had a great morning using their map to navigate around the trail and take photos for their art work... with some free time on the adventure playground too!
Tuesday 22nd October 2019 - Sculpture trail trip
The children took some fantastic photos in the style of Lucy Shires for their art work!
Friday 25th October 2019 - Science
We made the phases of the Moon with Oreos - yum!
Wednesday 13th November 2019 - PSHE (trip)
SkillZone is Gloucestershire's only interactive life skills village where people of all ages can learn how to keep themselves safe whether at home or in their community.
Monday 18th November 2019 - STEM Workshop
Design and build a fairground ride.
 - write, debug and improve a control program for a ride.
See below for photos and videos of our finished rides!

Wednesday 27th November 2019 - PE (boxercise)
The children used their boxercise moves to create a routine to music.

Monday 9th December 2019 - Products for Christmas fayre
Lavender cushions and organic wreaths
Wednesday 12th December 2019 - PE (dance)
Pine Class are dancing their way to the end of term with their PE unit 'step to the beat'. Videos below...

Thursday 16th January 2020 - Gymnastics (session two)
Thursday 23rd January 2020 - Gymnastics (session three)
Friday 24th January 2020 - Science
The children led their own experiment to find out which shapes travel through water the easiest and why.
Thursday 30th January 2020 - Gymnastics (session four)
Monday 3rd February 2020 - Maths
We went outside to draw polygons on the playground accurately using a ruler, chalk and a protractor.
Thursday 6th February 2020 - Gymnastics (session five)
Thursday 13th February 2020 - Gymnastics (session six)
Friday 14th February 2020 - PE (dance)
We have been looking at Bollywood inspired dance moves and creating routines in groups.

Tuesday 10th March 2020 - Wear it loud day
Science skittles experiment with Oak class
The children predicted what they thought would happen with the cold water and hot water. They observed and drew what happened then wrote a conclusion explaining what happened and why using their scientific vocabulary.

If you wish to try the experiment at home...



A plate or container – preferably white

Skittles, other coated sweets work too




Place your skittles or sweets into a white container, try to alternate the colours.

Carefully pour water into the container, if the skittles move, just push them back into place quickly.


Watch what happens...


Skittles Experiment


Why do the colours spread?

Skittles are coated in food colouring and sugar. When you pour water over the skittles the coloured coating dissolves spreading through the water.

The colour and sugar dissolve into the water and then diffuse through the water, making it the colour of the skittle.