Class Pine 2022 - 2023

Monday 23rd January 2023School closure
Maths task:
This is revision of what we have been doing recently in class. Have a go at the fluency or problem solving and reasoning tasks.
Reading comprehension:
Please read the text, identify any unfamiliar vocabulary and use a dictionary or the internet to look up the definitions in preparation for your group session this week.
Choose a set of homophones, use a dictionary or the internet to find their meanings then write each of the words in a sentence.
Watch the video clip 'The Arctic Circle' and look at the writing ideas provided or come up with one of your own.
Research how the Anglo-Saxons converted to Christianity.
Try some of the videos on Go Noodle (you need to ask parental permission to sign up) or find them on Youtube.
Please bring any work into school with you and we can have a look at it together :)


Miss Tonks

Welcome to Pine Class
Year 5


We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break.


Happy New Year!


We are really looking forward to this year and continuing to support your child on their learning journey. We aim to develop their independence as well as their love for learning.


Information for this half term:



Mighty Movers (boxercise) will be on Tuesdays.

Gymnastics (Five Acres centre) will be on Thursdays.

Please ensure that your child has appropriate kit, removes earrings and ties hair back.



Alternate Thursdays - 13th, 28th, 10th.


Home Learning 

Set on a Tuesday and returned on a Friday.

Please encourage your child to ask for support if needed and ensure that they have the required equipment in school. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch either via the link book or email.


Miss Tonks and Miss Wales 

Topic web
Please find below a copy of our Spring 1 topic web 'Anglo-Saxons and Vikings', where we will be focusing on how they changed Britain.
Children's Choice Home Learning
Please find below a copy of this half term's Children's Choice home learning activities. A copy can also be found in your child's home learning book.
Useful links and resources
Monday 14th November 2022 - Forest school
Today, we used our wreath knots from last lesson to make letters and shapes.
Thursday 10th November 2022
We went to The Hut for a Remembrance service with Chestnut and Oak. Some children from the class volunteered to read 'Flander's Fields' poem.
Tuesday 8th November 2022 - STEM workshop
We designed, built and programmed our own fairground rides using KNEX then added movement, lights and music.
Monday 7th November 2022 - Forest School
Pine Class enjoyed their first session with their Beech Class buddies today. They sung the forest school song, learned the forest school rules, explored the area and learned to tie a wreath knot.
Autumn 1 drumming
Wednesday 19th October 2022 - Sculpture trail trip
We had a great time on our first class trip of the year. We had a talk from Vicky, who works for Forestry England. We used our maps to help navigate our way around the sculpture trail and took some photos for our art work.
Friday 14th October 2022 - Science
As part of our Space topic, we learned about the 'Moon phases' and created them in groups using Oreos.
Wednesday 28th September 2022 - Church visit
We walked to the Church with our Buddies to stick our class messages in a book of condolences for the Queen. Some of us got to light a candle.
Friday 23rd September 2022 - Maths
Activity 1 - Weighing
The children estimated the weight of their chosen classroom item, used scales to weigh the item in grams and converted their answer to kilograms.
Activity 2 - Capacity
The children read the scale accurately on the container in millilitres and converted their answer to litres.
Activity 3 - Money
The children drew the coins, wrote the amount in pounds and pence.
Thursday 29th September 2022 - Harvest live lesson
We found out how carrots are grown, processed and packed.
We also learned how farmers are using science and technology to fight climate change.
Wednesday 21st September 2022
Whole school shared reading.
Tuesday 13th September 2022 - Roald Dahl Day
We looked at 'Revolting Rhymes' and focused on Jack and the beanstalk. We had a script in small groups which we practiced reading our parts aloud with some roleplay. In the afternoon, we joined our siblings to share stories and some of our parents joined us.