Cultural Capital and Developing Character

To support our ambition of all children becoming SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS, CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALS, and RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS, we ensure that our curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop their CULTURAL CAPITAL and CHARACTER.  
We see CULTURAL CAPITAL as supporting our children in developing their cultural understanding of their school, community and beyond.  We do this through enhancing their learning with trips, events and activities and visitors to school.  A list of trips that support and enhance the learning experience is provided on our Curriculum page, and you can see more in the photographs and documents below, as well as on our Twitter page (@BHillPrimary linked from the Home page of this website).  
We see CHARACTER as 
* having confidence, and the ability to use resilience to overcome challenges and help others.
* being motivated to work towards goals, and determination to stick at it, even if something is
* having good self-control, making appropriate choices underpinned by a developing awareness
   of values and moral responsibility.
To support our children in the development of these skills, not just for their time in school, but to underpin their lives, we have an excellent Personal, Health, Social and Emotional (PSHE) curriculum, which builds children's skills, knowledge and understanding progressively through the year groups. This is well supported by a carefully planned assembly timetable across the year that ensures our young people learn about themselves, their school and local community, and beyond.