Our Curriculum

Our School Curriculum is based on The National Curriculum for England (years 1-6) and the Early Years Curriculum (for the Reception year in school).  Links to both documents are below.
From these documents, and requirements for children to learn in each year group, we create our own curriculum with the ambition of all our pupils becoming 'SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS, CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALS, RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS.
Coming soon is our full Curriculum document, which will show learning in each year group, with summaries of learning across the school set out for each subject taught. 
We also provide further information and resources for parents to understand more of what their child is learning in school, and for parents to support this learning at home.  These are available on the 'CURRICULUM - additional information for parents' tab.
Please note that, due to current Coronavirus closure, our Class Teachers are providing a weekly curriculum for all children in school for learning at home.  This is available on the WORKPACK tab. 
Our Curriculum is designed with the following in mind:
* INTENT - what we want the children to achieve through their learning
* IMPLEMENTATION - how our curriculum is structured and delivered
* IMPACT - what difference is our curriculum making to our children, and how we measure this
For more information see our Curriculum Teaching and Learning Policy - link below.  
EARLY YEARS CURRICULUM (for our Reception class):