Elm Class

On this page you will find a range of activities your child can complete at home should you/your child currently be in isolation or in the event that school is required to close. Children who are feeling poorly are not expected to complete work at home. 
To reflect the range of activities we offer in school and the children's varying learning styles I will ensure that I provide a range of activities including those which are practical and some which can be carried out outdoors. We also recognise the value to home learning experiences such as baking, craft and walking ( If government advice supports you to do this) . 
In the event of a school closure I will regularly update and add to the activities and resources available on this page. 
If you have any questions or queries regarding the activities and tasks on this page then please contact me via email lhawkins@berryhill.gloucs.sch.uk between the hours of 9am - 5pm.  
Miss Hawkins
Recommended Website and Useful Links 
Reading, Writing and Phonics 
Phonics Bloom- Provides lots of online phonics games, which supports the letters and sounds program. Although some of the games are subscription only, there is a wealth of free games many of which we use in class.  
Phonics Play- Another website which provides online phonics games. There is normally a cost for some of the games, however they are currently providing all games for free. 
Letters and Sounds- A website providing free printable resources which support the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. 
Oxford Owl-  A fantastic website to support children's reading offering lots of free ebooks and resources for children aged 3- 11. 
English and Maths 
ixl- This website has an extensive list of both maths and English activities supporting all of curriculum skills. 
Top Marks-  Another website that we use in school providing both phonics and maths games many of which can be accessed on a tablet. 
ICT Games-  A website providing both phonics and maths games, many of which can be accessed on a tablet. 
Science Sparks- This website provides lots of science based activities and experiments you can do at home using many household items and store cupboard ingredients. 
 Health and Wellbeing 
GoNoodle -  A website we often use in school to get the children moving and provide short activity breaks. A particular favourite of Elm Class is 'Banana, Banana, Meatball' 
Twinkl Home Learning Pack 
Twinkl (www.twinkl.co.uk)  have produced a free home learning pack for each year group. Below  are the activities from the pack that has been produced for Year One. 
Learning Aids 
In class we use many different resources to support your child learning, these include sound mats to support writing and number lines to support numeral formation and calculations. Below you will find some of these resources which will be familiar to your child. 
Continue to encourage your child to recall their number bonds to ten and twenty. Number bonds are a pair of numbers that can be added together to total a given number. Below are some practical activities that can support this. 
Maths can be so much more than a worksheet, and many play opportunities support your childs learning without them even realising. Below are just some of the practical maths activities you can incorporate into  your home learning. 
In class we revise Phase Two, Three and  Five sounds everyday  as we do the 'Phonics Flash', quickly going through the graphemes and saying the sound. Below is a powerpoint containing all of the graphemes so that you can do the same at home. 
There are also many practical activities you can use to support your childs phonics knowledge. 
General Activities
There are lots of learning opportunities for learning in the home environment. Below you will find some great activities if you find yourself at a loose end. 
Easter Activities
In the folder below you will find lots of Eater themed activities including those which are Maths and English based. I have also included some craft activities and a experiment. 
In class we had been looking at the Easter Story focussing on the key question 'Why was Jesus welcomed like a king or celebrity by the crowds on Palm Sunday?'. I have included a powerpoint of the story  which in class we have used to aid our discussions. 
Sumdog - maths, reading and spelling
All  children in Elm Class have been assigned a log in for this website which has lots of maths, reading and spelling games. 
Log in details
Username - child's first initial and surname,  all in lowercase and with no space i.e lhawkins
Password - Elm
School code - Berryhill3

Sumdog can also be downloaded as an app for free.