Family Support and BHPS Offer of Early Help

FAMILY SUPPORT: Our Family Support Worker Mrs Jacqui Reddan offers ongoing support and advice to the children who attend our school and preschool, and their families by listening and offering suggestions and advice to support learning, behaviour, wellbeing - both in school and at home.  She will can also support with attendance when there are concerns.
Mrs Reddan links closely with other services within Gloucestershire, and can signpost families for further support as needed.   

SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS CO-ORDINATOR (SENDCo) – Mrs Lucy Stevens is our SENDCo.  Her role is to work with children and families with additional needs and can signpost parents to many different agencies for SEND support including, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologist, Advisory Teachers and Occupational Health Services.  Mrs Stevens also supports children with medical needs in school.


ATTENDANCE - We know that children make the best progress when they attend school regularly and are punctual.  This is supported by our Attendance and Punctuality Policy (please see school website).  If your child is anxious about coming to school, or you have concerns, please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance, or Family Support Worker Mrs Jacqui Reddan, either of which will be happy to advise and support.  

Attendance is monitored, and when it falls below 90% parents/carers will be contacted to raise awareness.  Whilst it is understood that there are often reasons for absence - which may include illness, there is still an expectation under our policy that families are informed of missed schooling, and that support will be offered.  Please get in touch if you are concerned about your child's attendance, we would welcome a discussion and an opportunity to support.   


SAFEGUARDING: We ensure that children who are at risk are identified as soon as possible and that we work with them, their families and any necessary outside agencies to try to ensure that the situation does not reach a crisis point.

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) – Mrs Sally Hunt (Headteacher), Mrs Rachael Boiling (Deputy Head), Mrs Jacqui Reddan (Family Support Worker). 
All D's complete inter-agency safeguarding training bi-annually. All other school staff complete safeguarding training thyree-yearly and are regularly updated on any changes in legislation.
Mrs Lucy Stevens is our designated teacher for Children in Care, and she is supported by Mrs Jacqui Reddan who maintains strong supportive relationships with all Children in Care.
  • The school works with the local Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) to support families.
  • We have established good links with the Families First Plus team and can seek advice from the local Early Help Co-ordinator as needed.
  • Staff understand the correlation between Domestic Abuse and Child Protection; staff are vigilant, listening to the child and making referrals as required.
  • The school uses the Child Sexual Exploitation Tool for early identification and makes referrals as necessary.
  • Staff are aware about the extent of Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriages and understand how to fulfil their legal responsibilities.
  • All staff have completed the online Prevent Duty training and they are aware of their responsibilities, recognising signs of potential radicalisation and knowing how to make a referral if necessary.
  • As stated earlier, the aim of Early Help is to identify which level of help is needed and how we can ensure that the children are safeguarded and that their needs are met. We are fully aware of the importance placed on bespoke care and support being offered to individuals. 



  • Our children are actively encouraged to speak about any concerns they have to a member of staff or to our Family Support Worker. In lessons children are taught to speak openly about their emotions (SEAL).  Our children know the staff take all their concerns very seriously. 
  • Pupil voice is monitored every term by a member of the Senior Leadership Team who will find out children’s views regarding their learning and experience of school.
  • Berry Hill Primary uses GHLL’s on-line planning tool (the PINK Curriculum) to ensure that opportunities for keeping children safe through discussion on key issues is carefully planned into the curriculum.
  • We also use Gloucestershire’s Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL) on-line survey for children in Years 4-6.  Results are monitored and interventions put in place where appropriate. 



Early Help is about providing support to potentially vulnerable children, young people and their families as soon as problems begin to emerge, or when there is a strong likelihood that problems will start in the future.  It is also about providing support at any and every stage of a child's life: pre-birth, during pregnancy, childhood or adolescence.  

Here at BHPS we support the Gloucestershire view, that families are best supported by practitioners who are already working with them, as well as other organisations and services within their local community. These organisations include health services, schools, learning providers, councils, charities and voluntary groups, children and family centers, the police, housing providers and many others.

Our Family Support Worker Mrs Jacqui Reddan can advise, contact her on  

More family advice is available from