Information on our provision during the coronavirus pandemic

Since the Government asked all schools to fully re-open from September 1st 2020, we are delighted to have all our children back in school with us.  Despite many children having had several months away from school, and some anxious faces coming in on the first day, all settled really well into their new classes and have enjoyed being back with their friends.

Each class teacher has posted a 'MEET THE TEACHER' video on their class page, containing information about the expectations for your child, including how you can support learning at home.  If you haven't already, take a look as there is lots of useful information.  If you have questions, you can contact Class Teachers directly by email (available on the Class pages). 


If you have any questions linked to learning, Class teachers can be contacted through your child's Link Book, or you can email - addresses are on the Class pages.

 For admin advice, contact the office on



For children that attend our school, where a parent or adult within the child's social bubble tests positive for Covid, inform us immediately, and the child needs to self isolate for 14 days with all family members. 
This is the case whether the person testing positive has symptoms of Covid, or none. 
Where there has been a positive test for a family member or someone in the social bubble, a child must stay away for school for 14 days, even if they take a test and it is negative.  This is because symptoms can develop at any time within the period of self-isolation.  
If the child, or someone in the family or close social bubble has symptoms of Covid, they must stay away from school and self-isolate, only leaving home to take a test.  If the result of the test is positive, self-isolate for the required time.  If negative, the child can return to school.  You must keep us informed. 
In the event that a child's test result is positive, or a member of school staff tests positive, we are required to inform Public Health England and follow procedures as advised.  We will ALWAYS keep parents, staff and children fully informed.  
Current advice for responding to a child's positive test is for all members of that bubble to self-isolate, along with any other children/staff that have been in direct contact for a substantial amount of time (15 mins or more, within 1 metre).  
Please keep us fully informed if you or your child is symptomatic, or are getting a test.  We need to know so that all procedures can be appropriately followed, and we can keep our school community fully informed. 
Updated advice and guidance can be viewed on the NHS coronavirus website.