Nurture Group


Nurture group is for small groups of children and the aim of it is to improve confidence, self-esteem  and behaviours for learning through a carefully planned curriculum.  It is an intervention offered to children who benefit from exploring and developing these skills in a small-group environment, with the aim that they are supported to transfer them back to the classroom and playground environment, and to home. 


Running weekly for sixteen weeks, and utilising areas of school beyond the classroom - both indoors and outdoors, a secure, caring and safe environment is provided with adults that support clearly defined boundaries, consistency, structure and predictability, all within an ethos of positive reinforcement and personal success.


These are the six principles of the Nurture Group Network which underpin our provision and ensure it's success:  


The Six Principles of Nurture are:

  1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally – planned activities within the nurture group reflects the curriculum of similar children in the school but is adapted as appropriate for the developmental stage of each child in the Nurture Group.  Mrs Reddan and Mrs Lanfear will meet regularly with class teachers to discuss the children’s learning, emotional needs and their progress.
  2. The classroom offers a safe base – the Nurture room provides a bridge between home and school; a warm and friendly environment where children feel emotionally safe and secure
  3. The development of self-esteem is an important aspect of the Nurture Group – with growing self-esteem children will be more able to face the challenges of everyday life, to solve problems and to tackle new experiences.
  4. The development of language skills for communication is vital – great attention is paid to the use of language with high levels of child/adult interactions; everything is explained and explored.
  5. All behaviour is communication – the children learn acceptable ways of communicating their likes, dislikes and feelings.  There is a clear rewards and sanctions system, understood by the children within the group. 
  6. We recognise the importance of transition in children’s lives – managing transitions is a key feature of our Nurture Group, preparing the children for day-to-day events and changes to the usual routines.
Nurture Group has been running successfully at Berry Hill Primary School for a number of years now, and is very successful in supporting the pupils who attend.  We get wonderful feedback from the children, some examples of which are shown below: 
"X has really enjoyed his Nurture sessions.  He often tells me what he has done when often I can't get him to tell me about his days.  I feel X's independence and communication has greatly improved, even his vocabulary.  Thank you so much Mrs R and Mrs L."
Nurture group has calmed X down at home and at school.  He's always talking about what he has been up to in Nurture.  He always looks forward to Nurture Group...what he is learning helps him concentrate more in class."
"X absolutely loved Nurture Group!  I feel like his attitude and behaviour both in and out of school has come along leaps and bounds and his confidence in himself has grown loads too."
" I was quite sceptical when Nurture Group first started as I was unsure what it was for - X has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Nurture group and would tell me what he had been doing with great excitement.  He loved creating things.  X is very sad it's the last group today, and I'm sure he'll miss it".