Sports and Physical Activity

Here at Berry Hill Primary School we pride ourselves on our excellent sporting and physical education (PE) provision, which resulted in the GOLD for 2017-18 and 2018-2019 and 2021 - 2022, and SILVER in the previous year.     
We aim for all our children to develop a love of exercise and promote a wide range of options so that all children get a chance to participate and enjoy!  Children understand that physical exercise promotes a positive outlook, and helps them stay healthy in body and mind! 
This ethos resulted in the award of the Gloucestershire Active Sports Award for Wellbeing 2017-18, as well as our Health Schools and Mental Health Champions Award.  We are extremely proud of these achievements, and continue to work with our Sports Leaders - pupils elected by their classes to continue to improve our sports and physical activity curriculum.
Our sports and PE provision provides:
  • opportunities for children to develop self-confidence, problem solving and team work skills
  • a wide range of opportunities to try different sporting and physical activities
  • opportunities to take part in competitive sport - both within our school and beyond
  • opportunities to develop the values of the School Games - PASSION, SELF-BELIEF, RESPECT, HONESTY, TEAMWORK, DETERMINATION.  
  • opportunities to compete in mass events - such as Country Dancing, Cross Country, SportsHall Athletics, to name a few and support and encourage those currently less involved in sports with: Archery, Walking and mountain biking actvities. 
  • opportunities to learn about elite sports, including challenging gender stereotypes - for example visits and coaching from England Rugby internationals Natasha Hunt and Ceri Large, and from Katy Curd, competing downhill cyclist.  
  • at least two hours of physical activity each week for all children, and in addition the FIT15, which is a very popular initiative involving 15 minutes exercise (Heart-raising activities, running or walking) including the daily mile at times that weather permitting, puils build stamina as well as agility.  
  • a progressive and motivating curriculum, which ensures children develop their skills and abilities across the year groups. 
  • opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities and sports, encouraging participation and enjoyment and making use of facilities in our local area (such as local swimming pools, and the excellent Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre).
  • Celebration of participation and success, both in school and in the community.  
The photographs below are a few examples of our children's participation and enjoyment.  This is just a snapshot!  Come and talk to our children to find out more!