Supporting Special Education Needs and Disabilities at BHPS

Support is available for families of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  Contact SENDCo Mrs Lucy Stevens ( for more information. 
Identification, assessment, provision and review
All children with SEND are identified and assessed as early as possible. When a class teacher is concerned about the progress a child is making, he/she will collect information about the child, including samples of work, standardised assessment test results, reports and observations appropriate to their year group setting. They will speak to the Special Education Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and colleagues about their concerns and will discuss their concerns with the parents / carers of the child.
Advice and support may also be sought from external agencies including - GPs, the Community Paediatric Department, the Advisory Teaching Service, the School Nursing Team, the Speech and Language Therapy Service, the Occupational Therapy Service and the Educational Psychology Service.
Permission is sought from parents/carers before a child is referred to an external agency and parents/carers are also asked to sign to give consent for the sharing of information about their child. 
High quality teaching, differentiated for individual children, is the first step in responding to children who have or may have SEND. Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the children in their class, including where children access support from other staff,and will be supported through professional development to increase their knowledge of SEND and appropriate strategies that can be used to support children.  When a concern is raised by teaching, support staff or parents/carers, this will be fully discussed with the SENDCo to decide on what further action to be taken. 
Where continued and significant needs have been identified, the pupil, class teacher and class Teaching Assistant, the SENDCo and the pupil’s parents/carers will devise and agree on outcomes and strategies that will best support the child’s progress in the classroom. This support will be outlined in a My Plan document which details SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time related) outcomes relating to the pupil’s areas of need. The My Plan details the pupil’s specific areas of need and provides strategies to support the pupil in making progress towards meeting these needs.
The My Plan sets out how this support is arranged and any specific interventions or resources that are needed. It also includes details of who is responsible for this support and when and how often it will take place.
Parental ideas for continuing this support at home are also included on the My Plan.
The My Plan documents are reviewed three times a year by the pupil, their class teacher and support staff, the SENDCo and the pupil’s parents/carers. Once reviewed, new outcomes are generated.
Children who have more complex needs, or those children receiving support through a My Plan who are not making the expected progress may need additional support. Their needs are initially assessed through the completion of a My Assessment document before a My Plan+ is written. This document is completed in consultation with the pupil, their parents and school staff and will include recommendations from additional agencies who are supporting the pupil and or family.
For the minority of pupils, support at My Plan and My Plan+ may not be sufficient to facilitate their progress, and on such occasions the school will consider the need to apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), and advice sought from the Local Authority.  If approved, the pupil will be entitled to receive a degree of additional funding which can be used to provide further support or additional resources in school. Parents/carers of a child with an EHCP will also have the opportunity to consider the possibility of an alternative specialist educational setting for their child or to move their child to a mainstream school which is able to meet the needs of the child. An Annual Review of progress towards the EHCP outcomes is held each year in school to ascertain if the outcomes remain relevant or need to be amended. This Annual Review meeting is attended by the pupil, their parents/carers, the class teacher, support staff and SENDCo. A member of the Local Authority SEN Casework Team will sometimes be available to attend the meeting and also staff from those external agencies who are involved in supporting the pupil.
Effective communication between home and school is key to effective support.   Parents/carers are encouraged to voice concerns or worries with school staff as soon as they arise. 
Access to the curriculum
All children and young people have the entitlement to the full curriculum, which will be adapted / differentiated to meet their needs and overcome challenges.  At BHPS all children and young people with SEND are taught with their peers in classes by teachers and study the curriculum appropriate for their age, and independence is always positively encouraged. There are times when children may carry out group work or activities outside of the classroom depending on need and the activity being undertaken.  This is carefully planned and co-ordinated by staff to ensure key areas of the curriculum and learning favourites are not missed.   
With advice and support from the SENDCo, colleagues and professionals, teachers match the learning to the needs and abilities of each child or young person. They use a range of strategies to develop the child’s knowledge, understanding and skills.  Where appropriate, materials are modified or support is provided to enable children and young people with SEND to access the learning or the assessment processes. This includes Access Arrangements for tests where pupils may be entitled to additional time or a reader to administer the test paper.
We know that our practices make a difference, and for this reason staff regularly review progress and any concerns or issues related to children with SEND. Monitoring and evaluating the success of the education provided ensures that high quality provision is maintained and is effective in ensuring children learn to their potential.
Our SENDCo is Mrs Lucy Stevens and she can be contacted by telephone 01594 832262 or email: on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.
For more detailed information on our provision for SEND, medical needs or Positive Behaviour Support please see the relevant policies on the POLICIES tab of this website.