At Berry Hill, we use Cracking Writing as the starting point of our writing in taught English Lessons.
We use a scheme to ensure progression and to broaden the style of writing our children are exposed to. Pupil Voice in two different years has said they 'like the Writing we do'  'it's exciting, and shows us books and authors we wouldn't try otherwise.' 'we'd like to keep going with it because I want to know what we'll get next year.'
So to optimise the benefits of the scheme, we have adapted it to meet the needs of learning and teaching; made some units the focus of Whole Class Guided Reading. Where grammar is also identified, it is incorporated into the reading discussion and also moved to other units although the objectives are repeated through the year. 
This enables the number of writing opportunities to increase: embedding and practicing basic and new skills. It slows the pace, again to embed foundation skills lost during the three disrupted learning years addressing some 'bad habits' that formed. It is an essential process that will help build writing stamina, accuracy, engagement and ability to apply fully across the whole curriculum.
we also use Learning Diaries to Free write and aan Invention Day each term to promote indenpendent thinking and choice as a way of building love of writing and opportunities to showcase the rainbow of ideas and creativity inside each individual - they choose their genre and IF they cannot generate ideas - a hook is provided.
Throughout the writing process there is no formal assessment and resources are available at all times - children choose what resources support them, adults model, assist and guide them with writing so it is a enjoyable experience for the majority of pupils. For those who are more reluctant, or have specific needs - the tasks are scaffolded, supported and adjusted.
We are working together with the children on their writing and will continue to listen to their voice as well as the staff's to adapt and evolve a personalised writing curriculum for the different needs and cohorts for all our pupils in our school.
Please read phonics (where you will see phonics and spelling) and Reading on the website to support the whole picture.
Writing is progressive from the EYFS framework for Acorns and Beech to National Curriculum learning Elm (Y1) through to Oak (Y6).
Cracking Writing -Rising Stars- is used to embed progress in writing skills. Whilst we have slimmed the units to ensure deeper learning and application is provided in each class, we have ensured there is still a full coverage of the National Curriculum.
Below are the Rising Stars Curriculum progression per year group.
For more information, please visit the individual class pages using the links provided below.