Admissions Arrangements 2017 -2018

Admissions to Berry Hill Primary School 2017-2018

1     Introduction

1.1    The governing body of Berry Hill Primary School applies the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend this school. The school complies with all relevant provisions of the Department for Education’s School Admissions Code of Practice 2012 (“the Admissions Code”) the School Admission Appeals Code of Practice 2012 (“the Appeals Code”) and the law on admissions.


2     Aims and objectives

  •  We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.
  •  All applications will be treated on merit and in a sensitive manner.
  •  The only restriction we place on entry is that of number. If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, we enforce the procedure set out below, in order to determine whether a child is accepted or not. It is our wish to allow parents the right to have a place at the school of their choice. However, this is not always possible, due to the excess demand on the school places available.
  •  The level of ability of a child or any special needs that s/he may have plays no part in the admissions policy of this school.

 3     How parents can apply for their child to be admitted to our school

  •  As a Foundation school, Berry Hill determines its admission arrangements.
  •  The L.A publishes a composite admissions prospectus each year, which gives information about how parents can apply for a place in the school of their choice. Parents have a right to express a preference for the school of their choice and they should do so on the application form. Expressing a preference does not in itself guarantee a place at this school. Application forms can be completed online at or a paper copy can be obtained from the Admissions and Transport team, Shire hall, Gloucester and should be completed by the Local Authority set date in January 2017 (see Gloucestershire County Council Admissions Website, or contact the school office 01594 832262) for this date.  The Local Authority will notify parents about the school place on a published date in April 2017.
  •  In this area, children enter school in the academic year they become five. There is usually one admissions date per year, early in September (i.e. at the start of the school year). Therefore, parents who would like their child to be admitted to this school during the year their child is five should ensure that they complete the necessary application form by the published date in January 2017.


  • Admission of Summer Born Children for Reception Entry for Berry Hill Primary school

The Governing Body of BHPS school acknowledges the updated advice from the Department of Education that, parents/carers of "summer born" children (born between 1 April and 31 August) may request to start the Reception Class of a school a whole academic year later. The Governing Body will make a decision on behalf of BHPS School.   We follow the Local Authority process which states that parents can only apply for a Reception place at a school once, and must apply for a place during the standard application process timeline for their chronological year group, stating their reasons for requesting deferred entry to the following year.  The Governing Body will decide whether the deferred entry can be approved for the school.


  • Normal Admission Round

The term 'normal admissions round' refers to all applications for admission to the main year of entry of the school i.e. Reception for Infant and Primary Schools.  Applications made during the normal admissions round will be made in advance of the academic year in which the child is due to start at the new school.  Children are entitled to a full-time place, however, may attend part-time until later in the school year but not beyond the point at which they reach compulsory school age.


4     Admission appeals

  •  If we do not offer a child a place at this school, it is because to do so would prejudice the education of other children by allowing the numbers of children in the school to increase too much.
  •  If parents wish to appeal against a decision to refuse entry, they can do so by to the Governing Body using the appropriate form available from school on request. All appeals by parents who have been refused a place at our school and who wish to appeal against this decision are considered by an appeals panel that is independent of the school. An appeals panel’s decision is binding for all parties concerned. If the appeals panel decides that we should admit a child to our school, then we will accept this and continue to do all we can to provide the best education for all the children at our school.
  •  Details of the statutory appeals process can be found at;  and further information for parents at;
  • For any child who is not accepted into the school, the parent/carer may request that they are placed on a waiting list. Waiting lists are held until December then they will need to re-apply to remain on the list.


5     The standard admissions number of Berry Hill Primary School

  •  The standard number is the number of children the school can accommodate. The standard number for our school is 30.


6     Infant class size

  •  We teach infant children (aged five to seven) in classes that have a maximum number of 30 children, unless required by regulation (ref Appendix – Admission criteria 1)


7     Review

  •  This policy will be reviewed annually in the light of any changed circumstances in our school or the local area.

 Please note:  A copy of this policy is available to view in the school office.  For more information, and for advice on in-year admissions, please contact our office 01594 832262.