Apple's Friends

Apple's Friends is a programme for primary schools and is designed for seven to nine year olds. It is taught by Mrs Stevens and there are home activities for children to do with their parents or carers.

The programme is divided into six modules and usually runs for 24 weeks, with one 45-minute session per week. There are seven stories about Apple the hamster and his friends, a group of young children. The first story introduces all the characters, and six shorter stories, one for each module, are left unfinished for the class to create their own endings. The stories are supported by activities such as drawing, discussing and playing games. The aim of these activities is to help the children to explore and understand their feelings and behaviour, and develop helpful coping strategies to deal with difficulties.

Apple’s Friends is a structured programme with each session building on the ones that have gone before. For young children, repetition is an important part of learning, and key messages are reinforced throughout.


 Apple's Friends is not a programme which tells children what to do. Instead, it helps children to develop and practise their own ways of dealing with difficult feelings and situations.

There are just two Golden Rules. 


Parents and carers can reinforce these two rules at home and in family life.


Children also learn that there are four steps to choosing a good solution. Some parents find these steps helpful too!