Chestnut 2016 - 2017

June is fantastic fun and July is on its way!
The last term of summer and the weather means we have celebrated and enjoyed every minute so far.
  • Picnic Party: traditional picnic food and party games
  • Country Dance
  • Sports Day successes
  • Pizza - Italian, or British?
  • Puzzlewood: performance, workshop and playtime.
  •  AND NOW . . .samosas!
We are having such a wonderful last term  here in Chestnut!
Montague! Capulet!
As part of our end of term treat, we went to Puzzlewood to watch Butterfly Theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet. The children were completely engrossed and being so close to the actors made them feel part of the production! We had a workshop treat afterwards and then playtime before a cooling and very tastey Ice cream.