Chestnut 2019-2020

Women in History!
Our topic this term is History !
We are looking at the influence women have had throughout History and how often their achievements did not get the same high profile as that of men. Our main focus periods will be Victorians and Suffragettes.
You will be amazed to discover World War Spies, Scientists, Writers amongst many other successes!
Key focus throughout the year
  • Increased independence and willingness to take risks, make mistakes and ask for help  - this will help them grow into confident learners.
  •  Learning tables in division and multiplication format to recall in any order and within 6 seconds is our goal this year as the government have introduced a computerised tables test where the class must recall a wide rage of tables facts from upto and including12 x 12 multiplication facts tables.
  •  Vocabulary and language: it is increasingly problematic that children cannot express themselves using precise vocabulary and full sentences so we are promoting and encouraging a development of spoken learning.
Rachael Boiling