Class Chestnut 2017-2018

Welcome to the final term with Class Chestnut 2018!
Having read Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo; enjoyed it so much with the Class, we using it for our final topic..
Myself, Mrs Boiling, alongside Miss Price and Miss Hart are looking forward to the excitement in activities Summer 2 brings us.
This is the final term to perfect your Year 3/4 spellings and recall both division and tables facts for all multiplication facts to 12 x 12.
For some of you, this will require resilience and dedication; for others, greater attention to detail and editing and for a few applying your hard year's learning to your work.
We all have  a lot to look forward to in the last few weeks of term:
  •  Y2-4 RAF Fairford trip,
  • Country Dance Festival
  • Sports Day
  • KS2 play
  • School Summer Fair
and there is more . . . Rachael Boiling 
Homework will be mainly spellings and multiplication facts so that ALL our best efforts will  help our children be in the best place possible for year 5.
There will be a topic Children's choice too with Kensuke's Kingdom related tasks from which you can choose.
Enjoy the last term
Rachael Boiling