Class Chestnut 2017-2018

Welcome to Class Chestnut 2017!
The summer is over and Adventure Chestnut is about to begin!
I am Mrs Boiling, and am Chestnut Class Teacher. I have been excitedly preparing Bursting Bubbles - our topic - for this term. The science focus is investigations and you will be surprised just where and why bubbles are around us!
Mrs Matthews is our HLTA, who has had a fantastic summer gardening and indulging in  her new grandchild! She will be joining us in Chestnut on Thursdays and Fridays - sharing with you her expertise in many areas - including  . . . .dance! 
Miss Hart will be Chestnut's TA; bringing her love of music, enjoyment of reading and a familiar for from class last year.
Chestnut have a Dream Team to lead this year of learning. 
This term our learning has been BURSTING BUBBLES  - a Science investigation focus.
We have learnt SOOOO much: Homework has been amazing with facts, art and scientific investigations. Our Science investigations have been bubbly and Sweet-tastic: we have produced new sweets for Candy Land and will be preparing a book online. Reading BFG has linked beautifully because of the Dream Jars and the bubbles the BFG caught. All in all it's been a term bursting with colour, fun and learning.