Class Chestnut 2018-19

Welcome to a new term!
Miss Price, Marvin, Egbert and I are really looking forward to a fantastic new term. 
Class Chestnut has welcomed back new super learners and together we are up for a musical, creative and scientific term!
We will be preparing for a Cathedral debut in November with Pine Class AND the whole school will be spending a week learning, producing and then performing a musical ensemble with iSingPop!
We have had Tom and Dan in to work on the new and amazing sculpture that will be replacing the GIANT'S CHAIR at Beechenhurst's Scultpure Trail. Today was our first creative day and it was brilliant!
We will be studying scientific investigations through our term's topic: Bursting Bubbles and we will make food that involved 'bubbles!' Can you guess  what we will make?
We hope that you will enjoy this whizzingly fun start to Year 4.
Mrs Rachael Boiling