Class Elm 2018-19

 Autumn Term 2018
Welcome to Class Elm
What a great start we have had to the Autumn Term. The children have settled well into their new classroom and routine and have demonstrated a great attitude towards learning.  
As an introduction to the school year we are starting with the topic 'Marvellous Me' which will involve us learning about the human body and the five senses.  
Each Friday your child will bring home their weekly homework which will be linked to the teaching and learning within the classroom. The homework may involve your child engaging with one of the interactive games or resources on their active learning account, a small practical task for them to complete or even a board game type activity which they have to play with you. Alongside this the children can choose if they would like to complete some of the homework challenges.  

As a class we really value parent involvement and from time to time will be inviting parents in to share our learning. If any parents have a particular skill or job role which they would like to share with the children or you would like to offer your time to assist with classroom activities, listening to children read etc, please do let us know.

 If you have any questions, queries, or concerns then please do communicate through your child’s link book or speak to myself or one of the classroom staff . You can also send me an email or  book a short appointment to meet with me before or after school.

 Miss Hawkins

Friday 21st September
We have had a busy few weeks in Class Elm . The children continue to have a fantastic attitude towards their learning and are embracing all of the activities and opportunities on offer. Here are just a few photos to show you what we have been up to.
Tuesday 25th September
This morning Class Elm enjoyed a visit from Tarmac. The children had the opportunity to sit inside the lorry exploring all of the safety features fitted inside, they especially liked the cameras which enabled them to observe their friends in the car park.  Here are a few photos from the visit;  
Thursday 4th October
This half term the children have been taking part in weekly dance sessions with Miss Nicola. They are really enjoying the sessions and are always keen to demonstrate their new moves. Below are a few photographs  and a short video from todays session.
Thursday 11th October
This week we have really enjoyed taking part in iSingPop learning new songs and dance moves  with Sandy, our project leader. Today the children got to record the songs and have one final practise before the concert tomorrow. 
 Thursday 18th October
Today the children had their last dance session with Miss Nicola. They combined the moves they have learnt to create a routine. We look forward to working with Miss Nicola in the near future when we prepare for our Christmas production, and thank her for her hard work this term. Here are just a few videos from todays session.
 Friday 19th October
 What a fantastic start to the academic year this term has been, the children have settled well into Year One and have loved the scientific focus of the topic 'Marvellous Me'. Here are just a few more photos from the classroom ;
Autumn Term Two 
Welcome back to a new half term, and what a busy one it looks to become. We will be focusing on the topic 'A Step Back in Time' which will involve us learning about 'The Great Fire of London', and therefore exploring what London was like in 1666. 
With a new topic, comes a new set of homework challenges for your child to choose from. 
Thursday 1st November
Today the whole school focused on maths and art and although we approached these subjects individually we also had a go at activities which combined both such as painting by numbers in the style of Piet Mondrian and creating repeating pattern pictures.  Alongside this we enjoyed adding ingredients as we made ‘Witches Brew’,  identifying and recognising numerals as we completed number lines, built a 100 square, investigated which piece of string was long enough to fit around the pumpkin and even had a go at creating a firework picture in the style of Jackson Pollock. 
Friday 9th November 
Elm Class joined with Beech Class today to celebrate Diwali. We started the day with a special assembly learning about Rama and Sita as we shared the Diwali story, and tasting delicious Indian food. We then spent the morning doing lots of lovely activities including Indian style dancing, making lanterns and Diwali sweets as well as having a go at creating our own Rangoli and Mehndi patterns. Below are just a few photos and a short video of our morning.