Class Larch 2018-19

Welcome to Larch Class!
Welcome to Class Larch
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Welcome back to Summer Two! It's going to be a busy half term before the summer with lots of exploring, investigating and learning.
P.E. this term will be on a Wednesday morning, we will also be going to Forest School on Monday afternoons with Mrs Gardner. Please remember old/warm clothes for these sessions. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to pop in and talk to Miss Chadband, Miss Hart, Mrs Lanfear or Mrs James. 
We have had a great start to the Autumn Term. The children have settled well into year 3 and we are all looking forward to an enjoyable, interactive and challenging learning experience this year!
Our first topic is Science based and we have been investigating mirrors and reflections.
Take a look to see what else we are learning this term....  
It was lovely to see so many faces at 'Meet the Teacher', if you were unable to attend there is a letter that has the same information that was said during the meeting.
We had a visit from Tarmac, they told us about how to keep safe and how lorries have 'blind spots' 
They taught us: 'If you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you'
We even got chance to sit inside the lorry!
We had an amazing week learning the iSingPop songs with Sandy, we loved performing them at the church and even have a CD recording of our singing! 
This is a photo of us and Year 4 recording our songs
We have had so much fun at the Forest of Dean Gymnastic Centre this term. 
We have learnt how to use our core strength to balance along the beam, keep position when on the trampoline and move along the bars. 
Our warm ups focused on fitness and developing our strength. 
We have shown great perseverance as many of the moves were new to use and hard to master, but, with practice we did it! 
Mrs Walker came into Larch Class to make bread with us. 
We followed a recipe, left it to prove and then shaped it into rolls. 
Mrs Walker then cooked them for us.
We then tasted our rolls and evaluated them; making suggestions for improvements. 
We even made a class loaf for the Harvest service! 
Larch class have had another great start to the new term. 

Take a look to see what we are learning this term...
Roger Drury came to visit Larch class. He supported them in making shadow puppets and developing a story that they could say as they performed their show. 
They had to think of a character, a location and then add to their storyline with something unusual. 
They worked together in groups to design the shadow puppet stage, a name for their production company and develop a storyline. 
They then performed their story to the rest of the class. 
Larch Class had a visit from the Cats Protection today. 
They learned all about how to be a responsible owner of a cat. 
They also learned about cat behaviour, for example, when a cat has its tail up or they roll over they are happy but when they have their ears and whiskers down that means that they are scared. 
Larch Class have been learning about Ancient Egypt. They have read 'Was Tutankhamen killed?' in English, produced Egyptian silhouette art work and recreated Tutankhamen death mask. 
We have been practicing our dancing with Miss Nicola, she taught a dance to 'Familiar' by Liam Payne. Each week she added more moves to create a whole dance routine. We even added in some 'robot' moves! 
Welcome to the spring term! 
Here is the children's choice homework for this term:
During the spring term we are going to be learning about the 'Stone Age.' To start this topic we had a visitor from portals to the past who was an expert about this period in history. 
We had so much fun doing different activities such as hunting and gathering, discussing the types of animals that existed during this time, recreating a ritual dance and dressing up like stone age people. 
We also got to handle real artefacts and ask lots of questions to the expert. 
Also, a big thank you to the children who dressed looked great! 
Today we looked at internet safety as part of our internet safety week.
Larch class focused on permission and online consent.
They had to decide if the examples were online or offline permission
Larch had a maths workshop called 'Money Matters'.
They had a budget of £200 and had to plan a party making sure that they had prioritised the most important things to have at their party!
Take a look at what we are going to learning during this term ....
Here is a copy of the Children's Choice Homework for this term.
We have been practicing our throwing and catching skills in PE.
We were trying to aim the ball into the hoop. We then discussed which throwing technique was best.
For world book day Larch class dressed up as their favourite book characters.
They shared their favourite book and made recommendations to each other.
They then sketched and used watercolour to draw illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake. They based their art on Roald Dahl's 'BFG' and 'The Enormous Crocodile'
Larch class had a cricket workshop.
They had great fun learning how to play cricket and having a go!
Welcome back to Summer 1 term!
This term we have already had an energetic time in P.E. creating our own personalised warm up circuit in our 'Boot Camp' unit and practiced our balance in 'Multi-Skills', where Miss Chadband even taught us some yoga!
In maths we have been using our multiplication and division facts again, but more excitingly, comparing and ordering fractions WITH chocolate!
In topic we have learned about how rivers can be used for trade, to understand other people's points of view we found out about Fairtrade. First we found out the different jobs that go into getting bananas to our supermarkets, debated how much they profit they should get per banana and then played the Fairtrade Board Game to show how some rules aren't always fair. 
Welcome back to Summer Two!
Only one half term to go until we move up to Year 4, how crazy is that?