Class Oak 2017-2018

Welcome to Oak Class - the final stop at Berry Hill Primary School! 
Term 4 here we come.
As we are fast approaching SATs our timetable will be a little different this half term. Monday afternoons will be dedicated to SATs specific work, including helping the children answer questions as effectively as possible. 
SATs club has had an overhaul after taking feedback from the children and will be back, but on a Tuesday instead (usual 4:15pm finish).
Our new topic is called Earth Matters. We will be looking at volcanoes, including what it is like to live by one; making models of the Earth; learning about the layers of the Earth; finding our where volcanoes are; having a debate about the worst volcanic eruption. 
In English we will be finishing our non-fiction unit (Blood), moving onto our poetry unit and finishing with the word detective unit. We will also be celebrating World Book Day (01/03/18) in school where the focus will be on illustration; we will also have the pleasure of Shoo Rayner coming into school on March 19th to talk to the children about being an author. 
Maths will include: solving multiple step problems; calculating the mean; understanding pie charts; using co-ordinates; finding unknown angles; long multiplication & division; algebra; using basic formula. 
On Tuesday 13th March we will have our final Stem workshop with Mrs Follis. This one will focus on Lego robots and will include building and programming them to carry out tasks. 
Swimming lessons will start on Friday 23rd - please remember your swimming costume, towel, drink and googles (if needed).
Keep up the hard work.
Mr Marsh, Mrs Mizen & Mrs Read
Oak Class had the pleasure of working with Mrs Follis from Stemworks (10/01/18); the children had to use Knex to create a playground suitable for primary school age children.  Everyone had a lot of fun & we look forward to welcoming Mrs Follis back in March for our Lego Robot workshop.
Practical maths lessons - we cut up triangles to calculate their area.
Oak class planning their films explaining how we see. 
22nd September 2017
The children were introduced to their buddies in Beech Class today, they read a story to them & had some choosing time.  Safe to say everyone enjoyed themselves, we will be back soon!