Class Oak 2017-2018

Welcome to Oak Class - the final stop at Berry Hill Primary School! This year will be full of fun, surprises and hard work.
Our first topic will be science based where we will be studying 'light'. The topic will include lots of practical experiments and will link to our art lessons which, this half term, will be delivered by Mrs Delahoy from Superstars.
The first English topic of the year will be poetry; we will look at poems from a variety of authors, understand the features used and write our own poems. 
In maths we will start with place value and the four operations (addition, subtraction, division & multiplication).
Mr Marsh, Mrs Mizen & Mrs Read
Oak class planning their films explaining how we see.  Check back to see their final creations!
22nd September 2017
The children were introduced to their buddies in Beech Class today, they read a story to them & had some choosing time.  Safe to say everyone enjoyed their time, we will be back soon!