Beech 2016 - 2017

Gymnastics sessions- Summer 1
Beech class have really been enjoying their gymnastics sessions over at the local gymnastics centre. The children were overwhelmed by the equipment available to them and each session there has been different activities for them to take part in. From balancing across beams to jumping off springboards, the children have been improving their balance and movement skills, enabling them to tackle each new challenge with confidence and resilience. Well done Beech Class!
Fire Engine Visit- April 2017
We loved our visit from the local fire department. The children tried on equipment, sat in the fire engine and were allowed to use the powerful hose to knock a bucket off its stand. Everybody loved this event and they were really chuffed with their free bag of sweets too! We discussed safety around matches and lighters and what to do in an emergency!
April 2017- Pizza Express Trip
We went to Pizza Express in Monmouth to make our own pizzas. We had great fun learning about Italy and all about ingredients used to make pizzas. We followed the instructions to make a pizza and a chefs hat. We had juice and tried different ingredients. We even got to take our pizzas home for tea!
Pancake Day- Tuesday 28th February 2017
Beech Class enjoyed celebrating pancake day! We all helped make batter mixture and talked about the ingredients we needed to use. We then whisked it altogether and watched Miss Cooper cook them in a pan. We really enjoyed tasting our pancakes- some us of had toffee sauce, some had chocolate sauce and others had sugar and lemon. We also took orders from the other staff members and hand delivered their pancakes!
Trip to Westons Cider Farm- Tuesday 21st February 2017

The children in Beech class had an excellent trip to Westons Cider Farm today. They enjoyed looking at the cows, sheep, lambs and horses and also got to feed and stroke some of them. They also enjoyed playing in the park on the zipwire and the huge swing! Most of the children tried apple juice from the mill itself and all were extremely well behaved throughout. I think the tractor ride was the most favoured aspect of the trip!
Beech class celebrate Diwali- November 2016
We celebrated Diwali by watching videos about the celebration. We then lit candles and tried traditional Indian food. Then we learnt a song with Miss Turner before heading back to class to make Diwali sweets and rangoli cookies. We dressed up in bright patterned clothes and made our own walled gardens and rangoli hand patterns. Reception parents were invited to the Diwali assembly.
Beech trip to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm- November 2016
The children had a fantastic time at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. They enjoyed looking at different animals and playing in the huge play barns. All of the children had a great time and were extremely well behaved! We had a workshop about mini beast's and held a giant land snail and a cockroach. We also spent our money at the gift shop.
Beech and Elm Visit to Christchurch Church- October 2016
Beech and Elm visited our local church to attend a Noah's Ark Workshop, kindly put on by Reverand Tony and his team. 
The children sang a song, listened to and retold the story of Noah's Ark and made masks and edible arks. 

Berry Hill Under 5's and Greenwoods Nursery both attended as did the parents of Reception children in Beech Class. 

A lovely time was had by all and we raised over £60 for Christchurch church in the process!
See our photo's below- Can you spot anyone you know?