Class Beech 2018-19

Gruffalo paintings! June 2019

As part of our traditional tales project this term we have been exploring the Gruffalo story! We painted our own pictures of the Gruffalo, looking at photos of him to ensure we chose the correct colours for our own paintings! Lots of us enjoyed reciting the story as we painted each of his features!
PE- Summer 2 (June-July 2019)

As part of our PE provision, Beech class have been taking part in quad kids activities. We have been working on our running, jumping and throwing skills as part of this topic. We have particularly enjoyed the relay races and target throwing!
Topic choice homework awards- End of Summer 1 term (May 2019)

Well done to all of our children who have completed lots of tasks on our 'Mini beasts topic choice homework'. Some children went above and beyond and completed EXTRA tasks which enabled them to receive a 'Highly Commended Rainbow homework award!'

Well done to all of you involved! We are very proud of your efforts!
Salt dough Fossils- May 2019

We enjoyed making salt dough fossils as part of our Mini beasts topic. We mixed all of the ingredients together and then added water until we made a dough. We then rolled the dough into a ball and flattened it. Next we put the bug of our choice into the dough to make an 'imprint'. We had to bake them in the oven for a long time. Once they had gone hard, we painted them to finish off our fossils!
PE provision- Summer 1 (April-May 2019)

This term in PE Beech class have been working on team games. We have been learning about good team spirit and fair play. We have explored different skills needed to work effectively as a team and have particularly enjoyed bench ball! 
Beech Class Dance sessions with Miss Bevan- Spring 2!
We have had a great time learning some dances with Miss Bevan as part of our PE provision this term. We learnt a superhero dance and a clown dance- see our videos below!
Beech Class Reading Challenge Winners for Spring 2!
Below are the winners of the reading challenge for this term. Each child who won a prize had read ATLEAST 3 times a week with a grownup, EVERY week through Spring term 2. Well done to all of our winners. 
Weston Cider Farm Trip- March 2019
Beech class went on their trip to Weston Cider farm. They looked at the animals which included the Herefordshire cow breed, lambs and sheep, horses, dogs, cats and goats! The children really enjoyed their experience and particularly loved going to the park after their picnic lunch! I think the zipwire was a firm favourite!
World Book Day! March 2019
Beech class loved celebrating World Book Day 2019! We all came in dressed up as our favourite book character and shared our favourite books with older children in our housepoint group. Mrs Williams came as in as Robin Hood, Mrs Bidmead was Elmer the elephant and Mrs Reed was Mary Poppins!
Exploring Space! Feb-March 2019
Beech Class really enjoyed their topic on Space this term. They learnt lots about planets and stars and could recall lots of different facts about space by the end of the term. They coloured the planets in the correct colour and made their own constellations among lots of other different activities that were on offer! The most popular on offer was our Space Role Play area that the children loved!
Toothbrushing!- Spring 2
We started brushing our teeth at school during Spring 2 as part of our Healthy Living topic. We discussed how important it is to brush our teeth regularly and for 2 minutes each time. We have a timer on when we are brushing to make sure we know how long 2 minutes is. 
Fruit Rockets- Exploring repeating patterns! Spring 2
We made fruit rockets as part of our Space topic for Spring 2. We discussed repeating patterns and also discussed healthy eating, talking about what we like to eat and how fruit helps our bodies to grow and work well!
Gymnastics- Spring term 1
The children have had a fantastic time going over to the Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre for weekly sessions. They have learnt how to bounce correctly with control on a trampoline, how to balance carefully along a beam and how to correctly forward and backward role! They have also had a go at vault! Well done to all children taking part in Beech class, your behaviour was brilliant- a real credit to Berry Hill!
Chinese New Year- Tuesday 5th February 2019

The children in beech class have had an amazing time taking part in the CNY celebration with Elm class. Parents were invited in to attend the special assembly for both classes. We watched a few videos about the story of CNY and how people celebrate. We then tried traditional Chinese Cuisine and then went back to the classroom to take part in some activities. 
We had a wall building competition to see who could build the 'Greatest Great Wall of China'. We also made lucky red lanterns and used Plasticine to make different animals from the story. We wrote cards to our families and enjoyed learning all about China.
RE day- Monday 21st January 2019
We enjoyed learning about Hinduism as part of the whole school RE day focus. We learnt about what Hindus believe, where they go to worship and also learnt all about the festival 'Holi' that they celebrate.
We looked at different pictures of temples and made our own temples as part of a competition! The best temple won a prize! We also experimented with Old folk Indian Art and made some colourful Holi festival pictures using rollers and sponges. 

In the afternoon, we learnt an Indian dance to 'Jai Ho' and performed it at Elm classes wedding! It was great fun :)
The best bit was trying lots of different Indian food. We didn't like the onion bahjis much as they were too spicy but we loved the naan bread, mango chutney and poppadoms!
Christmas dinner 2018!
The children enjoyed Christmas dinner! They all tried new vegetables and meat and sang along to the Christmas tunes.
Bristol Zoo-December 2018

Beech class joined Elm class in the Bristol Zoo trip this December. We had a polar workshop all about animals that live in the cold then we enjoyed seeing Santa! We explored the zoo and looked at all of the different animals. Lots of us loved the crocodiles and lions! We had a fantastic time and even got time to play in the park!
Lights, Camel, Action photos!
We took part in Lights, Camel, Action and had a fantastic time performing it to family and friends. We hope you enjoy looking through our photos!
Maths/Art Day- November 2018
We took part in Maths and Art day where we had activities that combined the 2 subjects. We made bar charts by counting coloured smarties, then of course eating them after! We also used tweezers to sort bugs out and then did a tally of how many of each bug we had. We had a great day and really enjoyed to maths/art related activities. 
Tarmac lorry visit- September 2018

We visited the tarmac lorry in the rugby car park and enjoyed learning about road safety. We got to sit in the lorry and were allowed to watch it tip up and down. We asked lots of questions about how the lorry worked and we discussed how to keep safe.
Welcome to Berry Hill Primary School
Hello and a warm welcome to you all. The children are settling in really well and are already learning lots of new things. There have also been a number of new friendships formed which is always a good sign that the children are happy, confident and settled here.
This year Mrs Williams continues to work as the full-time teacher and is supported by Mrs Bidmead on a Mon-Thurs AM and all day Friday. There are also other adults you will see dipping in and out of our class throughout the year.
Below are a few photos to show you what they have been up to in the first 2 weeks of 'Big School!'