Ethos, Values and Vision

What We Do:


We enable all our children to become

  • Successful learners - we enjoy learning and achieve our best
  • Confident individuals – we are resilient, determined, take risks and overcome challenge
  • Responsible citizens - we make choices that support us individually, our school, local                                  community and beyond. 


Our Ethos and Values:

  • We will inspire all our children to make excellent progress in all areas of their learning through the provision of enriching, challenging and motivating experiences. 
  • We will create a calm, respectful and inclusive environment that is welcoming, fun, friendly and safe for all.
  • We continuously strive for excellent outcomes for our school community through the effective, efficient and sustainable use of resources and by seeking to use best practices.
  • We believe that a strong moral code empowers children to be successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens, celebrating unique character and capabilities, allowing children to be themselves and enabling them to achieve to the best of their ability. 
  • We nurture all individuals in their journey to becoming responsible local, national and global citizens, who are confident to take informed risks.  We prepare pupils positively for life in Modern Britain by promoting and abiding by the fundamental British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for different beliefs.
  • We are a rights respecting school and recognise achievement putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our school’s planning, policies practice and ethos.
  • We believe the value of family is central to learning and development, and work hard to foster genuine and active partnerships with families and the local community.
  • Through support and challenge we aspire to be a learning community that enables all our members in achieving their goals.

 Our Vision:

  • Our school community will be a place where children excel, develop a love of learning and create magical memories that will last a life time. Every child will succeed through the provision of personalised, real-life learning experiences which enable them to grow into productive and valued citizens.
  • BHPS will be the first choice for parents / carers in & around its catchment.
  • The school will be regarded as excellent by all stakeholders, ensuring excellent outcomes for its learners & is a vital & vibrant part of the community. Stakeholders will actively seek out opportunities to be associated with the school.
  • Our school will fully engage with, supporting and being supported by, parents/carers, the local community and the professional community, in order to best achieve our purpose.
  • The school & our staff will be highly regarded within the education community & will be widely consulted, copied & used as an example of best practice.
  • All learners will feel that they have been given the best opportunities to reach their full potential & maximise their talents.
  • Children will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.


Our Stakeholders:

  • Pupils
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • BHPS Friends
  • Community – individuals, social groups, businesses
  • Education Community – LA, WGSP, local schools
  • Governors & Trustees