Maple 2016-17

Maddie, Cody, Sophie and Lola all earned 'gold awards' for completing the Spring 1 homework challenge.
They produced work on instructions, belonging to groups and materials.
Well done to all of them.
There will be a new Homework challenge for Spring 2. So another chance to earn a 'gold award.'
On March 2nd 2017 we celebrated' World Book day.'
The children and staff wore nightwear to school and brought their favourite bedtime books to share.
In Maple class we had a lovely time, sharing books and learning a poem from the book 'A Rumble in the Jungle.'
As part of our 'Art and Math Day' Maple class made 'Chocolate Easter Nests.'
They wrote up the instructions as part of the English curriculum, made the cuboid basket as part of the math lesson and decorated it as part of the art topic.
They also had to find the properties of their cuboids:
  • vertices
  • edges
  • faces
They then took them home as their own Easter treat!
Hopefully they tasted good!
18th May 2017
Maple class took part in ' non classroom day '.
We combined two areas of study while finding out about the amenities available around the school grounds. It involved 'geography' elements and 'maths' investigations.
The children had to make:
  • a tally chart
  • bar chart
  • pictogram
of their findings.
All the children decided upon their own criteria to investigate.
For example:
How many...
  • bins
  • benches
  • sheds
  • raised flower beds.
  • gates etc
there are around the school grounds?
We then took our clip boards and tally charts out to record what we found.
After we went back into class the children turned their findings into bar charts and pictograms.
It turns out that the school has lots of amenities around the school grounds!
Tuesday 11th July 2017
As part of our Geography topic Class Maple had an 'African Day'.
Mr Baird came into school and talked to the children about;
  • The continent of Africa.
  • Where Africa is on the world map.
  • Animals of Africa.
  • Comparisons between The United Kingdom and Africa.
  • An African wedding.
  • African traditional dress.
The children asked lots of questions and got to take part in many fun activities, including 'the wedding of Lola and Louis'.
Please enjoy the photos taken of the day!
Congratulations to Class Maple for all their achievements during the recent swimming lessons.
Sports Day 2017