What is the Mental Health Champion Award?

At Berry Hill Primary we take the mental and emotional well-being of our pupils and staff very seriously and realise how important it is to support this.  The Mental Health Champions award has been developed by Gloucestershire Healthy Learning and Living (GHLL) to provide a framework to know what good provision looks like in terms of a whole school approach, recognising that the environment and support that staff and students experience in schools has a huge impact on their emotional health and wellbeing.
We understand the link between good mental health and achievement.  We also understand the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing in this equation.  This award will give us the opportunity to showcase good practice and help us identify areas in our provision that would benefit from further development.  
In order for us to achieve this award we will need to put in place interventions which are of relevance to good mental health.  One intervention needs to be undertaken with a significant number of pupils in school whilst the other one must address an identified area where improvement is required.