Reading at Berry Hill Primary School

We aim to generate a love of reading that will be within pupils from school to life beyond.

Reading is embedded in all aspects of school life and the curriculum at Berry Hill. How we monitor and record reading varies and will not always be written in the Home Reading Record as it is integral to all learning. At our school we believe reading gives children experiences and vocabulary that they may not get at other times so we place a very high importance on reading.


Below are some of the forms that reading takes at our school:


Whole class reading and comprehension:

Wordsmith, our English Programme, has amazingly engaging texts: fiction, non-fiction, poetry and live units from Year 1 – Year 6. Reading comprehension is taught at a whole class level so all children access texts that are age appropriate and above in difficulty. This is an excellent way to extend and deepen comprehension on a daily basis.


Guided Reading:

Small group reading and discussion of texts that may be grouped by reading fluency, or by the type of learning each child needs.


ERIC – (Everyone Reading in Class):

This happens daily immediately after lunch and it’s a time all children read in class. They may read magazines, newspapers, have a whole class text, class book, shared or paired reading/ looking at pictures, books and create own story etc. This is an opportunity for adults to enjoy books with children as part of our aim to encourage a love of reading.


Home Reading: (Please see the Reading Partnership that we stick in the front of each Home Reading Record)

Sharing reading is one of the most important aspects of developing a love of reading at every age within the school. Vocabulary and sentence complexity becomes more challenging as a child’s age and reading develops so it is equally important for children in Year 6 as well as Reception to share reading with their parents at home.

. Any form of reading.

. Any type of text.

. Any amount of time.

. As frequently as possible. 

All of the reading done at home to partner the reading in school, will help our young people to become confident readers who will be able to not only use their reading skills for all learning and a love of reading, but for reading in life – form filling at Drs, for employment – application forms, choosing a holiday, insurance and so many documents needed as part of adult life.

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