Sports provision at Berry Hill Primary School

Here at Berry Hill Primary School we pride ourselves on our excellent sports provision. We instill team skills and self-confidence into the children to enable them to take on challenges inside and outside of their learning. From regular PE sessions, to swimming and extra curricular activities, sports really is at the heart of our school. 
Every year BHPS join in with the school games which involves schools from the local area competing in a series of different competitions such as netball, athletics, hockey, rounders, cricket and much more. This enables children from most year groups to take part in something which is a fantastic way for them to build upon their social and moral skills outside of their 'safe' school environment. (See timetables below for competitions that take place in our local community.  In addition to these competitions and activities, we also source other events - such as the Triathlon at a local school). We also take part in the annual Country Dance Festival which celebrates the true culture and tradition of our local area. Whilst coaching our children to reach their full potential, we ensure that the core British Values are also instilled into the children to give them a good understanding of fair play and good team manners.  This includes assemblies and workshops with elite athletes, and focusing on the values of sport such as Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Courage, Determination.
Every child from Reception through to Year 6 also take part in Swimming sessions anually which provides them with the opportunity to grasp this important life skill whilst gaining confidence in the water. Comments such as 'its not about winning', 'just do your best' and 'lets make Berry Hill proud' are regular comments that can be heard when taking our pupils to external competions which evidently is part of our ethos here.