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School is now closed until further notice.


The government has not, at this time, specified how long the closure will be, but that it will depend on how effective measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak are.  It has also been stated that school closures are not because children are at risk, but to reduce social contract throughout society.


We are providing childcare from 9am-3pm for the children of Key Workers, and for others that may be vulnerable to time away from school.  The Government has provided guidance on this, and if you think your child may be eligible to be in school please contact Headteacher Mrs Sally Hunt on 


More information is available on this link: 



Although childcare is available for Key Workers, the Government has stressed that school is only open to provide childcare for those children who absolutely have to attend when there is no-one available to care for them at home because of a need for parents/carers to provide critical care for those affected by Coronavirus. Reducing the amount of time that children spend with others is essential in reducing the risk of spreading the virus.  

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