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As requested by the Government, we reopened our school on Monday 1st June to greater numbers of children of workers critical to the Covid-19 response. 


Year 6 will then be joining us on Monday 8th June, Year 1 a week later on Monday 15th June, with Reception the next group likely to return - date and detail of Reception return to be confirmed.  Government guidance on the return of other year groups has not yet been received, and will be shared when we get it. 


Home learning is still available - see the WORKPACK tab, although there may be a reduction in what is available over the next few weeks, particularly for year groups that have been invited back to school.  The teacher's email contacts are on the page should you have any queries or need advice. 


As children return to school, we will be supporting their wellbeing with activities to help them understand our time away from school, and deal with any emotions they have around the 8 week closure and their own experiences.  We will also continue to update the WELLBEING section of the WORKPACK tab.  There are contacts for both wellbeing advice and family advice if you would like advice or support.


We are all very much looking forward to seeing the children back in school when it's their turn to return.  


Mrs Hunt and everyone at Berry Hill Primary School   


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