Class Beech 2020-2021: RECEPTION

Discovery club- Term 4 (Spring 2)
We had great fun exploring the great outdoors during discovery club this term. We enjoyed bark rubbing, making art out of natural materials, bird watching, making mini beast homes, doing a photo scavenger hunt and making bird feeders! We all worked well as a team and enjoyed being back at school with our friends!
Mud Huts- Wednesday 17th March 2021
We had great fun making mud huts using bourbon biscuits, Mikado sticks, shreddies and chocolate spread. We looked at different types of mud huts in Africa and discussed their features and how they are different to the houses we have here in England. We then constructed our own houses and discussed what we liked and disliked about each. We then enjoyed eating our creations!
Welcome back- March 2021
Beech class children have settled back in beautifully and have got to work busily making and creating things. They have been working together and rebuilding lost friendships due to lockdown. We have had a large emphasis on PSHE and will continue to enjoy learning all about 'Africa and Safari' whilst embedding team skills and PSHE sessions throughout the delivery of our general provision and 'Active Discovery' afterschool club!
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Santa Visit- December 2020
Santa came to visit us!!! He even bought us all a present! The children were so excited and surprised given that we had told them that Santa couldn't visit us this year!
Merry Christmas everyone!
See you in 2021!!

Beech Class Nativity- December 2020
We created our own nativity play as we were unable to do a joint key stage performance this year due to Covid. We were also unable to use costumes so we made our own head bands to portray our characters. 

Christmas party- December 2020
The children enjoyed their Christmas party this term. They played pass the parcel, pin the nose on the snowman and musical statues/bumps. 
Pantomime- December 2020

Beech class had a special treat for Christmas- The Cinderella Pantomime to watch! The children absolutely loved watching the performance and enjoyed their popcorn whilst watching it :) They particularly enjoyed the interactive elements of the production.
Diwali Celebrations- November 2020
Beech class loved celebrating Diwali! We watched the story of Diwali and discussed the characters within it. We also learnt Indian dancing in PE and enjoyed joining in with Y1 (Socially distanced in separate zones) to teach them what we had learnt. We had lots of continuous provision planned around Diwali including a Diwali sweet shop, Diwali crafts and 'cleaning the house' ready for Diwali in the home corner.
Remembrance Day- November 2020
We discussed what Remembrance day was all about and shared our thoughts and views on the matter. We watched the ceremony in London live on the BBC news channel and observed the 2 minutes silence along with the nation. All children stayed silent for the full amount of time and showed great respect.
Maths- Exploring Capacity (November 2020)

We had great fun exploring capacity. We used water, sand and porridge oats to explore this concept, discussing when the containers were full, empty, half full and nearly full!
Maths provision- Sept/October 2020
In Maths this term we have been looking at the following aspects:
  • Number recognition, counting and ordering
  • Repeating patterns
  • Prepositional language
  • Ordering length
Below are some pictures of the children working hard :)
School dinners have arrived :)- October 2020

We have been enjoying our hot school dinners! We are so delighted to be able to offer hot meals again and the children in Beech Class have taken to them so well, trying new foods and using their cutlery carefully. Well done to all in Beech Class who have been trying hot dinners, we are very proud of you all!
Buried Treasure Cakes! October 2020

We have been learning all about Pirates and decided it would be a good idea to decorate our own buried treasure cakes! We enjoyed spreading our icing and decorating it with brown sugar for sand, a mini roll as the chest and smarties as our treasure. The best part of all was getting to eat our cakes :) 
Phonics- Sept/Oct 2020
We have been working hard to learn our Phase 2 sounds. We practise writing our sounds daily in shaving foam, with pens and paper, chalking outside, water and paintbrushes and using sand trays. We also like to stamp the letters into playdough with out letter stampers. We are beginning to recognise our sounds and some of us are beginning to blend CVC words. Have a look at our pictures below!
Ice Exploration! September 2020
We had great fun exploring ice during out topic session. We looked at the sea creatures that were trapped in the ice and discussed how we could free them. We used tools and different methods to find ways of rescuing them and lots of us used really interesting words to describe the ice such as 'melty' 'watery' and 'freezing'. We discussed animals that live in the cold such as penguins and polar bears and linked them to our 'Under the Sea topic'. Have a look at the picture below to see what we got up to!
'Pirates love Underpants' treasure hunt! September 2020
We have been looking at the story 'Pirates love underpants' and we went on our own treasure hunt to find Captain Underpants' treasure. On our hunt we found a flag, a pirate hat, a pair of pants and a box of treasure. We all took a sweet each from the treasure box. We enjoyed reading the clues with the adults and following the instructions to find the treasure. After, we designed our own pair of pants and decorated them in a pattern of our choice. Look at our pictures of our treasure hunt!
Meet the teacher Presentation

Please see the video below for information :) 

September 2020
A warm welcome to all of my new children and families this year!

I can't wait to work with you all and support your child in developing a life long love for learning! It all starts here in Beech Class and I can't wait for us all to get stuck in! There is so much fun to be had with lots of exciting learning opportunities along the way!

Our first topic this year is 'Under the sea' where we will be learning about sea creatures, pirates, mermaids and lots of other sea related things! Underneath you will find the 'topic web' attached to give you an idea of the sorts of things the children will be exploring this term.
Most of the information you will need week to week can be found on the 'Parent Overview' sheet which will be sent out every Monday in your child's link book. This is bespoke to Beech Class.

Any other questions, please leave me a note in your child's link book or email me direct at 
On this page I will be posting lots of exciting pictures of your child's learning journey with us here in Beech class so please check back regularly for updates.

Kind regards, Mrs Williams