Class Chestnut 2020-2021: YEAR 4

 Chestnut Class.
We are starting the Summer term and I am really looking forward to the learning we will be doing together!
Whilst we will be filling gaps and really striding towards you being ready for Year 5, there are plenty of fun, creative and active lessons awaiting you!
We will continue with the topic Rushing Rivers focusing on: maps, field sketching and creating your own Rushing River!
Take a look at the topic web below to see what you will be doing.
Reading to, or with your child is priceless; it costs nothing, but a small piece of time.
Building memories, having discussions, chuckling and enjoying quality time together before they grow up is special.
The older your child the harder the plots, vocabulary and more they need the world around them and its complexities explained. So even as they become fluent confident readers they would still benefit from sharing books with you.
Evidence from Lockdown Learning shows that those children engaging in myON reading made good progress over Lockdown. Reading is a the golden key to your future - developing fluency, stamina and enjoyment, will open doors to jobs, information and ultimately the hard to find quiet time and relaxation that is so important to mental wellbeing.
  • Homework Children's Choice that is to be completed weekly - about 30 minutes per task.
  • Weekly WOW Spelling Task
  • Tables Task
  • 3 x 10 - 15 minutes 'priceless time' a week at least reading at home
Please contact me if you need to - I check emails regularly.