Class Elm 2020-2021: YEAR 1

Welcome to Elm Class
Mrs Weaver and myself are looking forward to this year and working with  both your child and yourself. In place of the usual Meet the Teacher meeting I have recorded a short video below to provide you with an insight into what Elm Class has to offer. 
If you have any questions, queries, or concerns regarding the points mentioned in the video or at any point during the year please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please communicate through your childs link book or via email. If you would rather discuss your queries then please send an email to arrange a short telephone appointment with myself before or after school.
Miss Lyndsey Hawkins

Autumn Term 2020 
We begin the Autumn Term with the topic 'The Enchanted Forest' which will involve us focussing on Traditional Tales including 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' , 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Little Red Riding Hood'. As part of this topic we will also be  using our senses to explore the schools woodland area, planting bulbs and identifying different  woodland trees.  
Friday 6th September 
What a lovely few days we have had in Elm Class. The children have undertaken the transition in their stride and are settling well in their new classroom. They are enjoying exploring their new learning environment and building up a familiarity with the rules and expectations. 
Friday 11th September
Here are a few photos from our first two weeks in Elm Class.
Friday 11th September. 
Today we took part in our first PE session. The children changed into their PE kits with minimal support
and had a great time learning to play the game 'Dishes and Domes'. 
Wednesday 23rd September
This morning Mrs Hunt asked Elm Class to investigate some strange comings and goings she had observed on the CCTV cameras. We followed a trail of gold into the Forest school site and found a letter from a witch. Someone had stolen her gold and she needed our help. The children then took great delight in writing letters to the witch explaining that it was Hansel and Gretel who had taken her gold, and even included descriptions of the pair to help her find them. 
Friday 25th September
Its been a busy couple of weeks in Elm Class. Here are just a few photos to show you what we have been up to. 
Friday 9th October 
Tomorrow is World Mental Health day , so today we talked about how we can keep our minds and bodies healthy by doing activities we enjoy as well as those which encourage us to be active. We then completed a short yoga session, learning different yoga poses and breathing techniques. 
Thursday 22nd October
Today we spent the morning exploring our school woodland site. We took part in lots of activities many of which involved us using our different senses. We particularly enjoyed the listening game One, Two, Three , Where are you? which involved us taking turns to find our friends whilst being blindfolded. We also enjoyed an Autumn Scavenger Hunt, finding items to match the colour charts and created beautiful Leaf Mobiles. Overall a lovely morning, enjoyed by all. 
Autumn Term Two
As we begin a new term our learning moves to a new topic. Our topic this term is titled 'Fire, Fire' and will involve us learning about The Great Fire of London. 
With our new topic comes new homework challenges. 
Wednesday 11th November 
Today we marked Armistice Day, watching the BBC Remembrance Ceremony and joining in with the two minute silence. We then watched the animation' Poppies' and discussed the significance of poppies as part of remembrance . The children then created paintings of Flanders Field and Poppy Wreaths. During the day we also shared the story of veteran Captain Sir Thomas Moore. 
Friday 13th November 
Today we celebrated Diwali the Hindu festival of light. We watched a short video learning how Hindu people celebrate Diwali, shared the story of Rama and Sita and performed a Indian Dance on the playground. 
Friday 20th November 
To mark the end of Anti- Bullying week, Elm Class joined the rest of the school in wearing odd socks. This afternoon we loved looking at each others odd socks discussing the different colours and patterns. 
Wednesday 25th November 
As part of our topic 'Fire, Fire' Ruby brought in two of her grandad's firefighter helmets. The children enjoyed looking at these learning about the features these helmets have to keep the Firefighters safe. We also discussed if these would have been used when putting out the Great Fire of London.
Thank You Ruby for bringing these helmets in to show us. 
Tuesday 1st December 
Look who arrived today! He has caused quite a stir with the children and we can't wait to learn more about him and see what he gets up to. 
Wednesday 2nd December
Over the last three days, all of the children in Elm Class have visited Jamie's Farm in Redbrook. The children have had a fantastic time learning all about life on a farm, and gaining hands on experience with the animals. The children have really enjoyed their visits and would like to say a big Thank You to Jo Powell and the team for making their time at the farm so enjoyable. 
More information about Jamies Farm can be found at
Friday 11th December 
This year we haven't been able to perform a traditional nativity. However, that hasn't stopped Elm Class from creating a video retelling. We hope you enjoy . The children have watched a special premiere of their video today and were delighted with their efforts. 

Tuesday 15th December
Today we joined with the rest of the Infant department for Christmas Lunch ( Socially distanced from the other classes)  What a lovely Christmas celebration.  A big thank-you to Mrs McKenzie and Miss Boseley for cooking such a delicious meal. 
Tuesday 15th December 
After our delicious lunch we enjoyed watching the West Midlands Childrens Theatre's production of Cinderella. To create the theatre experience the children were treated to an interval in which they were served popcorn. 
Wednesday 16th December 
What a fabulous festive day!! We started the day with a Christmas Disco and enjoyed playing traditional party games including musical chairs, pass the parcel and musical statues. We rounded off our morning with a special party lunch in our classroom. This afternoon we enjoyed a treasure hunt hunting for our Christmas gifts from Miss Hawkins and Mrs Weaver. 
Wednesday 16th December
We were visited this morning by none other than Father Christmas who knocked on our classroom door and left us a sack of presents. Its safe to say the children were very excited by his visit and were delighted to receive a gift from him, they think it may be an indication they are on the good list. 
Spring Term 2021
Welcome back to the Spring Term, it is hard to believe that we have already completed our first term within Year One, time really does fly when you're having fun!
This term we continue to focus on the topic 'A Step back in Time' but will now centre our learning around toys, comparing toys nowadays to toys in the past as we investigate an answer our key question 'What were toys like when our grandparents were little?'
With our new topic comes new homework challenges. 
Tuesday 6th January 
From tomorrow please use your eschools login to access your home learning. Activities and resources will be updated daily. 
Spring Term Two 
As we begin a new term our learning moves to a new topic. Our topic this term is titled 'Stranded and will involve us thinking about what it would be like to be stranded on a desert island. 
Thursday 4th March
The classroom is all set for our return on Monday, 
Monday 4th March
Our first day back at school has gone far better than any of us could have imagined. We were all delighted to see each other and excited to be back in the classroom. We have had a lovely day playing group games,  taking part in a mindful drawing activity, conducting science experiments involving sugar cubes and exploring the school environment. Overall a fabulous first day back!! 
Monday 4th March
The frogspawn has arrived, we are very excited to watch it change, grow and develop into froglets over the coming weeks. 
Wednesday 10th March
We had a great time this morning playing the game 'Honey Bear'. The children took turns to be the bear and the thief and worked as a team to help mask the thief. 

Friday 12th March
As part of our science week activities, today, we created Wavy Wax Crayon pictures. We  started by breaking down the wax crayons into small pieces and then sprinkled them onto our pictures. Miss Hawkins then used a hairdryer to help us melt the wax and create our pictures. 
Friday 19th March
Today we dressed as Superheroes or wore red clothing to mark Comic Relief. We also took part in Superhero themed activities including designing superhero capes, making masks and superhero themed yoga. 
Wednesday 24th March
As part of 'Discovery Club' we looked at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and created our own pictures using natural resources we collected in the school grounds. 
Wednesday 31st March
Today we made the most of the lovely weather, as part of Discovery club we enjoyed a walk around the village looking at different house names. We then stopped at the Orchard and created some bark rubbing pictures.
Wednesday 31st March
Easter Fun- We enjoyed a Easter egg Hunt around the KS1 playground, finding an egg to win our prize. 
Summer Term 2021
Wow who can believe we have reached the final term already! This term the focus of our learning continues to be Geography based as our learning centres around the topic 'Safari'. As part of our learning we will be exploring the animals that live in cold climates such as Antartica and comparing them to those who can be found in warmer climates such as Africa. 
With a new topic comes new homework challenges. 
Tuesday 20th April
We had a lovely afternoon learning about Cricket with Gareth from AllStars. We practised our fielding skills , throwing and catching the balls and bean bags before playing a team game called "Tidy your room" 
COVID-19- Self Isolating 
If you are isolating  or shielding due to the Coronavirus I have provided some recommended websites below which may be useful for your home learning. 
In the event of the whole class having to isolate learning will be provided on the E-Schools Class Page. Log in details were sent home prior to the Autumn Half Term Break.