Class Maple 2020-2021: YEAR 2

Welcome to Maple Class (Year 2)
Welcome to Maple class webpage. Here you will find lots of information specific to our class. Please take the time to read through our termly topic webs and enjoy the photos of our learning.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (alternate) - Mrs G Hodgson
Wednesday (alternate), Thursday, Friday - Mrs L Calcutt
Classroom Support - Ms K Griffiths, Mrs J Read
Meet your teachers! 
As we were unable to hold the usual meeting for you all to meet us in person, here are our videos to give you some information! 

We were so happy to welcome you all back on Monday 8th March. Your smiling faces and pure excitement has made us all so happy! 
We have been able to catch up with you about what has been going on in your lives, watched you reunite with friends and enjoy time just being together. 
Please have a look at the photos below that capture just some of the happiness we have shared being back together. 
Learning in Maple Class
This is what we have been up too so far this term!
Maple Class Nativity 2020
Not even the events of this year could stop Maple class putting on some form of show! It is not quite the same as previous years, but it is just as special! Made even more special when you find out who put this all together......THE CHILDREN! From choosing their characters, to deciding what to say (or not to say if preferred!) they have done it all. We are so very proud of them for putting this together. 
We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together! 
(The children were invited to a very special premier to watch their nativity before it went on general release. We watched it 4 times because they were so impressed with themselves! and rightly so!)