Information on our provision during the coronavirus pandemic

Welcome back everyone!

All our children are now back in school with us, it's really great to have everyone together again.  The information shared prior to return is posted at the bottom of this page and key information to keep us covid-secure is below.  Also below is our Risk Assessment which is updated to incorporate all guidance received.  


We are so grateful for all the hard work and efforts of our families to keep children learning remotely at home during the national lockdown - thank you. 


Our Remote Learning class pages that have been available through eschools during the national lockdown will no longer be accessible after Friday 5th March.  A reduced amount of home learning will be provided by class teachers for children that need to self isolate due to covid infection or for medical reasons, but as the government has stated that return to school unless advised otherwise is mandatory, remote learning will not be provided otherwise.   Please speak to Mrs Hunt headteacher@berryhill.gloucs.sch for more information or to advise of infection or the need to self-isolate or shield in your family.  


Some reminders to keep our school infection free

  • When on our school site, keep your children with you, stay socially distant from others - 2m where possible - and please wear a mask. 
  • Just one person from each family to come to drop and collect.
  • Adhere to times below, which are staggered to reduce mixing.  Please don't arrive in school early, and be on time to collect.  
DROP OFF (if waiting please stay socailly distant 2m and keep children with you)
Beech:  8.50-9.05am - conservatory, but wait near willow dome on grassy area for door to open 
Elm: 8.50-9.05am - front of school, in car park
Maple: 9.50 - 9.05am - infant playground 
Larch:  8.40-8.55am, enter school through side door on corridor, junior playground. Children straight to class, and to cloakroom after registration. 
Chestnut:  8.40-8.55am, enter school through side door on corridor, junior playground.  Children straight to cloakroom and then to class. 
Pine:  8.40-8.55am, children enter school through door on end of corridor, children straight to class and then to cloakroom after registration.    
Oak: 8.40-8.55am, children straight to cloakroom and then into class.   
COLLECT (avoid grouping, remain socially distant, and keep children with you at all times)
Beech:  3pm - wait by willow dome at front of school
Elm:  3.05pm - wait safely in car park at front of school
Maple:  3.05pm - wait socially distant in infant playground, stay social distant when leaving site
Larch:  3.05pm - side door on corridor
Chestnut: 3.10pm -  side door on corridor
Pine: 3.05pm - door at end of corridor
Oak:  3.10pm - door at end of corridor
  • Children will remain in their class bubbles at all times, and separate from other as far as possible.  At all times contact will be minimised and social distancing encouraged. 
  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene will continue as before lockdown, with regular handwashing on entry to school and throughout the day.  Children will also be reminded to 'Catch it, bin it, kill it', with tissues available in each classroom and reminders given.  Due to regular handwashing, hand sanitiser is not needed by children in school.  
  • Children wear uniform as far as possible, although we are not expecting anyone to buy items before the end of term, and this includes shoes.  From September we will return to our more traditional uniform rules. 
  • Children should change their clothing as soon as they get home from school, and although uniform doesn't need to be washed daily, it does need to be hygienically clean.  Staff will raise this with you if it is a concern. Please ensure items of clothing are named, and send children with a coat as we will be using the outdoors as much as possible.  
  • Children should not wear any items of jewellery other than small stud earrings, and they must be able to remove these (or cover them with tape) independently for PE lessons.  Watches are currently discouraged to support infection control.
  • Children need a PE kit in school and will change for lessons. 
  • Lunchboxes and other essential items can be brought from home, and children need a drink of water in a named plastic bottle every day (must be washed daily). 
  • Hot school meals are again being offered (see menu on home page of school website - on the bottom as an attachment).  Free fruit is again available for infants, and milk for those under 5 years old (or to buy if older, see Coolmilk website to order), and snacks are available to buy for junior classes.  If children are bringing their own morning snacks crisps, biscuits and chocolate bars are not permitted - see our Food Policy on the school website for more information.
  • Mobiles phones can be brought into school by Years 5 and 6 only.  To meet safeguarding requirements these will be handed in and taken to the office at the beginning of the school day, and handed back out at the end of the day.  No responsibility can be taken for mobile phones that are brought into school. 
  • Enhanced cleaning of high-traffic areas and toilets that was in place before national lockdown, will continue.
  • Natural ventilation will be utilised to support infection control.   
Dealing with possible or confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection:
  • Those who have coronavirus symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, are not to attend school.
  • Required processes will be followed by staff and parents/ in the event of Covid symptoms or a positive test:
    1. Book a test if they are displaying symptoms;
    2. Inform the school immediately of the results of a test;
    3. Provide details of anyone they have been in close contact with;
    4. Self-isolate if necessary.
  • To support keeping our school infection free- any child who is poorly is asked to stay at home until well.  If symptomatic, even with mild symptoms, we request that parents seek a test for their child.
  • Staff are now using rapid testing twice weekly, and the same is available to parents.  More information on this link:


For up to date guidance on Covid, see NHS information online:


For advice on supporting yourself and your family during the Coronavirus pandemic, see this NSPCC page:


A reminder please that, if you are coming onto our site, you must keep your children with you, stay socially distant from others - 2m where possible - and please wear a mask. Please limit the number of people coming to school to collect your child.  Thank you for your support in keeping our school and community safe.